Friday, 5 February 2016

Slow Week

Today I picked up a handful of books at the hospital not only for me, but for my mother to read as well. A couple of Crichton and Janet Evanovich books as well as the Caine Mutiny are now on my shelf. I suppose they'll match my copies of Nethereal by Brian Niemeier, Honor At Stake by Declan Finn, and Burn Witch Burn! by A. Merritt on their way in the mail as books I'll hopefully get around to reading soon.

I say hopefully because I've been slowly editing my novel back from November which has cut into my reading time quite a bit. I'd like to say that's my only problem, which is actually one of being too easily distracted, but I do hope to have something out by this year. My lone short story from last year (which wasn't even professionally edited) isn't going to cut it, I know.

Finally, I realize most of my updates have been on Fridays recently and I couldn't tell you why other than I tend to forget about this blog when it comes to writing. I usually devote the time to that instead. It's also, as you can tell, because I'm a very boring guy who just doesn't have much to say a lot of the time. Still, that's something I also hope can change this year. We're out of the worst month of the year so at least there's that.

As for right now, well, I've got a Doc Savage to finish off.

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