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Y Signal is a 4-part serial I ran for free on the blog. It is a suburban myth tale about a boy from 1995 who stumbles into a supernatural plot far beyond his capabilities and horrors incomprehensible to one his age. This novelette was a lot of fun to write, so please enjoy it here on Wasteland & Sky for free! You won't read anything else like it!

Be sure to leave a comment when you're finished, and have a good time! This wouldn't be half as interesting without readers like you. Art is connection, and stories like this are how we do it. Without further ado, check out Y Signal and dive into an era that no longer exists!

Part I: One Future
Part II: Ghost Radio
Part III: Blindsided
Part IV: Last Train

In 2022, I published the FULL version of Y Signal, one that goes far beyond the one on this blog. It is thanks to the reception of readers like you that I was able to expand it. The final full version is much longer and in-depth than the one here, and it is also professionally edited. In other words, I recommend that one over this, especially if you want to see where it all goes.

You can find the complete Y Signal on amazon here for a couple of bucks.

Find it Here!

Writing is something I enjoy doing quite a good deal, and I hope to entertain you for many years to come. Please look forward to the next work! I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon. So join me on this wild ride. Art wouldn't be the same without the both of us!

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