The following is a list of works I have had published via both independent and more traditional means. Have a browse, but don't get too comfortable! It will be updated frequently with new works. There is also a separate section at the bottom for out of print material that is no longer easily found, in case you are curious. Either way, this is a full list of everything of mine that has been published outside of Wasteland & Sky.

The amazon page for my eBooks can be found here.
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Star Wanderers
Funded through Kickstarter!

Detective Ronan Renfield is a Galactic Enforcer sworn to protect the innocent and bring evil-doers to justice to maintain order throughout the stars.

The Agent is a nameless knight errant tasked with hunting the most brazenly wicked and blasphemous who threaten order and nature across the cosmos.

Alone, they face strange and diabolical horrors on backwater worlds and the corrupt and dangerous criminals who threaten civilization.

Together, they are the Star Wanderers!

This collection features eight thrilling tales of raygun adventure, swashbuckling sword fights, and cyberpunk mystery, including four never-before published adventures!

Coming soon to mass market!

Two Adventures Across Eternity
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The past and the future are at different ends of the spectrum of existence. But what about that which lies underneath it all? Some things do not age, no matter the era.

Here are two stories where eternity lies just out of sight.

In Duel on Dalpha, the future of another world lies in uncertainty. Sheriff Simon Gareth answers a distress call in the wilds. There he finds a rogue military force in search of an ancient artifact and, despite his failing health, he is their only opposition. But what will he do when his very blood is the key to it all?

The Demon Eye scours the Black Lands in Three Gifts of the White Wolf. There in the Nameless Kingdom lies the exile Sagest, a man as dulled out as his axe. As he lies dying he is visited by a white wolf who directs him deeper into the darkness. Can he rescue lost innocents, or are they all doomed to be consumed like all else in this evil land?

*This collection contains two stories: Duel on Dalpha and Three Gifts of the White Wolf!*

Gemini Warrior [Gemini Man Book 1]
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Matthew and Jason are just two nobodies in a city of heroes and villains. But when they are given bracelets that endow them with powers, and then get thrown into a whole new world beyond all reason, they are soon in over their heads!

Now they must team up with aliens, battle magical creatures, and get back home before the bombs inside the go off! All that, and they still have to defeat the being who sent them there in the first place!

Two heads are better than one, but will it be enough to save two whole worlds? Find out in the first book of the Gemini Man trilogy, Gemini Warrior!

Gemini Drifter [Gemini Man Book 2]
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Matthew and Jason are on the run. With bounty hunters, magical monsters, and an entire alien world after them, the pair have their work cut out for them. At the same time, a mysterious cult has infiltrated the town of Albion and the only one that can stop them is the Gemini Man.

Can the two fugitives work together to stop the invasion of another world? Or are they doomed to wander the back roads forever? Check out the second book of the Gemini Man trilogy, Gemini Drifter, and find out for yourself!

Gemini Outsider [Gemini Man Book 3]
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Matthew and Jason have finally escaped the forces on their tail. But all is not what it seems in the quaint town of Riverview. Hidden monsters and psycho killers emerge from the shadows to drag them back into the void. A madman closes in! But can they even fight back without their powers?

The final test begins for the Gemini Man in the third book in the Gemini Man Trilogy, Gemini Outsider! What does it mean to live in peace? Read on and find out!

Gemini Destroyer [Gemini Man Book 4]
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The Great Sorcerer King is dying, and his path to Earth is sealed. In a last bid effort to smash the Gemini Man and curse his enemies, he has decided to use his remaining power for one last assault on those who wronged him. Now it is time for the final battle.

Gemini Destroyer is the final book in the Gemini Man series, collecting two crowdfunded novellas into one volume for the first time. Gemini Dreamer deals with two fugitives from Riverview as they discover the truth behind the power that wrecked their lives. Gemini Destroyer is the last story, following the Great Sorcerer King's final bid for control over the Gemini Man, his home planet, and the Earth.

Can Matthew and Jason finally put a stop to their sworn enemy? Find out in this final book!

Y Signal
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BACK IN 1995

Summer vacation is the same as usual for Ray and his friends. It's video games, hanging out, and endless good times! But when his cousin introduces him to a mysterious midnight radio broadcast, reality is inverted. What is real, and what is a dream? Is the future open, or is disaster inevitable? The Y Signal reveals all.

Join Ray on his journey as time and space itself bends to forces beyond his control, in his quest to come out the other side. Ape-men, crazed punks, sky trains, hidden worlds, the past, and a so-called Paradise, await him as he fights to discover the truth in a world gone mad.

Paradise is but one dream away. All he has to do is reach out and touch it . . .

*Helicon Award Winner!*

The Last Fanatics: How the Genre Wars Killed Wonder
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Pocket Paperback [Volume 1]: Here!
Pocket Paperback [Volume 2]: Here!
Pocket Paperback [Volume 3]: Here!

Fandom is Not a Way of Life

Once upon a time, there was a tradition of storytelling that went back into the Gothic romances all the way through the fairy tales into the classics. It was a world without genre boundaries, checked boxes, and corporate writing workshops. This tradition created all the things you grew up with, the stories and ideas you hold dear, and the beating heart of adventure that has sustained us since the beginning of recorded history.

And then it was destroyed.

Learn how a gaggle of Fanatics poisoned the well of discourse and imagination by turning storytelling into mechanical formulas with rules and boundaries that never existed before. Who gave them this power, and how much of their garbage still taints discourse and the industry today? In The Last Fanatic, all will be laid bare.

It is time for the truth to be shouted out loud!

*Contains the collected and edited series of Fandom essays from Wasteland & Sky

Brutal Dreams
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A Living Nightmare

After awakening in the woods, Christopher Archer finds himself trapped in a world outside of time. Fog monsters, armed gangsters, and a legendary spear, all await his arrival. But what about the fiancé who disappeared months ago?

As Archer explores this eternal midnight, he can only wonder—is this all just a dream, or is there something more hidden in the dark, watching his every move?

There is one choice. He must traverse the nightmare and learn the truth.

The Pulp Mindset
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Out with the Old, in with the NewPub

Nobody reads anymore. In an age where audiences consume more art than ever before, books have remained irrelevant to the ever-changing West. Nothing seems to change this unavoidable reality. The industry is over.

Or is it?

A new frontier has opened where anything goes! We live in a pulp landscape now, a place where the past and present comes together to create a better future. In this book you will learn just what this NewPub world is, how to adapt to it, and change the way you think about everything.

The Rules Have Changed!

You can do anything! The Pulp Mindset will help you adapt to this crazy climate and become the best artist you can be. Read on and join the revolution!

Someone is Aiming for You & Other Adventures
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Pocket Paperback [Volume 1]: Here!
Pocket Paperback [Volume 2]: Here!


Vigilantes fight from the shadows. In Summerside, Dark Magic poisons the dying city of cultists and gangsters. This is where heroes are made.

A man with a deadly touch, an ex-hitman, a concrete teenager, an invisible myth, and an indestructible knight, are but a few of those who stalk the midnight hour.

In these seven stories you will meet those fighting for the soul of the city, and those hoping to bring it to a brighter future. But is there anything left worth saving in a world of death?

Powers or Magic. Only one will win this war.


1. Someone is Aiming for You
2. Endless Nights in Villain City
3. Under Suspicion in Summerside
4. Knives in the Night
5. Last Exit to Shadow City
6. Lucky Spider's Last Stand
7. When the Sunset Turns Red

Grey Cat Blues
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Siege on the Shadow Planet!

Ex-punk Two Tone is left for dead and his friend is taken. His assailants: men of mud from some place darker than Hell! 

The inscrutable Sarpedon has slithered from the depths to rule a planet that has long abandoned hope for a better tomorrow. With no one to stop his spree of violence, it is only a matter of time before Two Tone’s world is overrun. 

Old friends and a mysterious beauty gather by his side, but are they enough? Is it too late for this dying world? If all cats are grey in the dark, will anyone see the panther stalking its prey? Two Tone will find the answers the best way he knows how—through his fists!

Grey Cat Blues tells the tale of a distant planet at humanity’s end. In this place, a man must choose between love and hate. And where his choice leads him might not be where he expects . . .

Knights of the End
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Pocket Paperback: Here!

World on Fire

Teddy MacIsaac has discovered a force beyond his imagination. Thanks to a mystical coin from the Nameless Kingdom, he is now the Pyre Knight, wielder of cleansing red fire. 

When enemies bring living shadows to the world, Teddy must defend the town he once hated. As he fends off giant flying insects, a man of living stone, a belligerent warrior of honor, and an otherworldly woman, he will either become the legendary Knight of Flames, or die. 

With the Lightning Maiden, the voice in his sword, and a ninth grade brawler by his side, Teddy must overcome annihilation, and become the hero he was destined to be.

Gemini Man: The Complete Series
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When Matthew White and Jason Vermilion are dragged into an experimental test, the last thing they expect is to be given powers beyond their understanding! Not to mention, they are soon thrown to a whole new unknown planet!

The pair soon find themselves traveling the back roads of America, and fending off psychos invading their space. How will they come to terms with not only their powers while discovering hidden sides of the universe? As their powers change and their enemies grow in viciousness, can they ever find peace, or are they doomed to an end far worse than death?

For the first time, Gemini Man: The Complete Series packages the entire Silver Empire series in one convenient place for readers both new and old. Come follow Matthew and Jason in the full story, now fully in print for the first time!

*Contains Books 1-4 of the Gemini Man!*

PulpRev Sampler
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This is a collection of short stories and novel excerpts from writers associated with the PulpRev movement in the latter half of 2017. PulpRev is a literary movement aimed at restoring the spirit of the old pulp adventures, not just the aesthetic, and has roots in the Appendix N and OSR movements.

Note: This anthology is intended as a sampler, and stories within are very short (2,500 words or less). John C. Wright's contribution is available for free at his website. This anthology itself is available for free for those who sign up for the PulpRev mailing list by sending an email to with the subject line "Subscribe."

Lucky Spider's Last Stand
by JD Cowan

In the final moments of Spider's life, can he fight against certain death before it consumes him whole? As his gang falls apart all he is left with is a sword and an inkling thought of something greater than he is. But will it be enough against a man who can't die?

Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love: Infectious Tales of Fantasy & Suspense Designed to Spread the Pulpdemic
Find it Here for FREE!

Stuck inside? Quarantine got you feeling down… or even worse, BORED?

Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love is here to rescue you from the existential horror of indoor life, by offering you a glimpse into other worlds of wonder, whimsy, and warped humor.

Tales of high adventure, escapist fantasies, and thrilling stories of suspense await within, from some of the keenest and most rebellious minds in pulp fiction, with a foreword by the infamous Daddy Warpig.

With 200,000 words of exciting fiction, most never before published, including four books, Corona-Chan is serious about spreading the love!

Read it today!

The complete catalog of collected chronicles:

“Quarantine” by artist Jesse White
Anacyclosis by Brian Niemeier
"A Song of I.C.E. and Fire" by Jon Del Arroz
In the Forest of Wast by Alexander Hellene
"Exiled in the Desert" by John Daker
"Iron and Steel" by KP Kalvaitis
"Someone is Aiming for You" by JD Cowan
Immortal Thunder by Matt Wellman
"Bringing down the Mountain" by Nathan Dabney
"At the Feet of Neptune’s Queen" by Abraham Strongjohn
“Going Native” and “Warrior Soul” by Manfred Weichsel
The Battle of the Turasa Nebula by Yakov Merkin
“An Eye for Eligos” by Alexandru Constantin
Adventure Constant (full-length novel) by Jon Mollison
“Star Support” by Val Hull
"The Age of Petty States” by Rawle Nyanzi
The Crown of Sight by David V. Stewart

Pulp On Pulp: Tips & Tricks for Writing Pulp Fiction
Find it Here!

Write Fast. Write Well. Get Paid.

These were the watchwords of old-school pulp fiction: fun, fast-paced, and immensely popular with readers. The pulp era is coming back. Blending timeless lessons from the grandmasters of the pulp era with the genres, tastes and technologies of today, PulpRev forges boldly ahead into the future of fiction.

Hugo and Dragon Award nominated writer Kit Sun Cheah teams up with Misha Burnett to compile a selection of essays on the PulpRev aesthetic from some of the leading writers in the movement.

Pulp on Pulp covers:
* How to plot like a pulp grandmaster
* How to write 5000 words a day
* The secrets of writing fantastic fight scenes
* Worldbuilding and character creation tips
* And many more!
PulpRev is the Revolution, Revival and the Renaissance of Pulp. Take the plunge into the new pulp era and become the best writer you can be! And it is free!

Sidearm & Sorcery Volume One
Find it Here!

In the modern world, paranormal dangers lurk all around. When there is no chosen one to be found, no altruistic half-vampire around, and no superheroes flying overhead, it's up to average people to do the business of defeating evil. They have no powers, no prophecies, and all the odds are stacked against them.

In this short story collection, regular folk find themselves up against nightmare creatures, conniving warlocks, and all manner of supernatural dangers. All set in contemporary environments. Read these nine new tales of magic and adventure today.


*Living Land by JD Cowan

After the show, a rockabilly drummer follows a girl who looks like she might be in trouble. The two are swept away into an unexplainable land, where existence turns in on itself.

Pulp Rock: An Anthology of Musically Inspired Tales
Find it Here!


Space pirates and superspies, ghostly singers and half-orc bards, lost cities and deals with the devil . . . all this awaits and more in Pulp Rock: Twelve musically inspired tales of adventure, excitement, and horror by some of the most exciting voices in science-fiction and fantasy. Come explore the nexus between music and the written word, and get ready to rock.

*Includes Mad Wind*

Mad Wind by JD Cowan On a distant colony world, a young student sets out to discover the secret of ancient ruins none have returned from . . . and music may be his only weapon against the Mad Wind.

Generation Y: The New Lost Generation *FREE BOOK*
Find it Here!

Generation Why?

There is an epidemic in the modern age: a crisis of meaning. Why is it the world we were promised back in the 1980s and 1990s seems so far away now? Whatever happened to those hopeful kids from back then? Whatever happened to Generation Y?

From authors Brian Niemeier (Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You), David V Stewart (The Keys to Prolific Creativity), and JD Cowan (The Pulp Mindset), comes this collection of essays about a lost generation trapped in a modernity they were never prepared for.

Read on and discover how Madison Avenue shenanigans, social instability, mindless progress, and general ineptitude, led an entire generation of people through the cracks--and how we can find them again.

More information here!

Swords & Maidens
Find it Here!

From magic battlefields where horses fear to tread, to flying fortresses, fantastical otherworlds, a planet infested with eldritch abominations, and lands ruled by fear, heroes will fight for what is worth fighting for. Knights in gleaming armor, soldiers, Middle Earth’s most deadly Elvish assassin, hunters, and kings. All will risk their lives to defend the defenseless, to destroy monsters, to preserve the lives and honor of fair maidens.

See a soldier fight to rescue a besieged princess from marauding, magitech barbarians, an immortal knight fight for a farmstead, a husband and wife fight for the honor of a fallen comrade against a deadly dragon, a hunter seek to recover a maiden’s stolen soul, an elf defend a woman from assassins, a deposed king fight for his kingdom, and more!

*Includes Judgement Sun by JD Cowan

Sidearm & Sorcery Volume Two
Find it Here!

Supernatural evils lay hidden, deep in the shadows of society. Be these dangers man or beast, they will strike at unsuspecting, everyday people. What if there are no selfless wizards around when a demon steps from the alley? What if there are no supers to be found when the ancient demigod awakens? What if there is no prophesy and no chosen one to stand in the way of the dark forces? In these cases, the regular people must must courage to face the foe. The protagonists in these stories have no magic powers, but they refuse to be powerless. This collection of 17 short stories brings you new adventures and new dangers, all in modern settings.

Welcome to Volume Two of the Sidearm & Sorcery series. This anthology includes:

  • Flaxen Wires by Bryce Beattie
  • First Kiss, First Kill by Beth Buck
  • They Delved Too Deep by Misha Burnett
  • City Eater by JD Cowan
  • Swamp Serpents by Nathan Dabney
  • In the Hall of the Crocodile King by Michael DeCarolis
  • Personal Mythologies by Dale Glaser
  • Scent of the Sand Wurm by James Krake
  • A Moonblessed Hunt by John Longtain
  • Den of the Necrolord by TJ Marquis
  • Ain't No Grave by Jason McCuiston
  • The Red Horse of War by Z. M. Renick
  • Souldrinker by Frank Sawielijew
  • A Shilling for your Troubles by Mark Schultis
  • The Baron of Nevada & His Branded Broads by David Skinner
  • Infestation by H.A. Titus
  • The Galveston Incident by Luke West

StoryHack Issue #3
Find it Here!

Proof that short fiction can still be exciting. StoryHack is a magazine focusing on action and adventure fiction in a wide variety of genres.

In this issue, you'll read:
  • Claws of the Puma by Paul R. McNamee - In the rainforests of Brazil, poaching loggers and traditional rubber tree tappers are at war. Journalist Sarah Stoughton gets more than she bargained for when she is caught up in the violence, and comes face to face with the legendary man of the jungle, the Puma.
  • Shoot First by Jay Barnson - Flint and another agent are assigned to confiscate a dangerous cursed magical artifact from a street gang, only to find that the entire operation was a set-up by a local crime boss and an analyst from within the Order.
  • Inside the Demon's Eye by JD Cowan - A young adventurer searches the Black Lands for a lifesaving treasure. He may not get the chance to find it, as he is being stalked by a malevolent force.
  • Get to the River by Luke Foster - A park ranger plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with a gang of killers on the scorching hot floor of the Grand Canyon in July.
  • Scourges, Spells, and Serenades by Joanna Maciejewska - An archanist must work alongside a high mage to find her missing cousin. The trail leads them to the arena of a secret demon cult, where their skill will be put to a deadly test.
  • Showdown at Stone Ridge by Jason J. McCuiston - A military deserter is spared the noose if he will travel to the mining town of Stone Ridge and stop the desperados. What he finds in Stone Ridge is not bandits, but a land baron with an army, led by a Djinn. How can he possibly stand against such paramilitary might and magic?
  • Master of Thieves by Aaron Zimmerman - For years Alex has admiringly followed the exploits of the two greatest thieves of her generation. Tonight, she wants to settle the question once and for all: who is the greatest thief of all?
  • The Dealer's Tale by Jon Mollison - A pregnant blackjack dealer walks a deadly line as she prepares to betray her mafia-owned boss to the feds

StoryHack Issue #5
Find it Here!

StoryHack is back with 9 stories of thrilling fights, strange monsters, and wild adventures. In this issue, you'll find:
  • The Last Word by H. A. Titus - It's all in an evening's work when the owner of a speakeasy asks Owan Craig, half-fae private eye, to deal with a little problem. Trouble is, that problem is attached to fae mobsters--just the sort of folks Owan likes to avoid.
  • The Singer's Tale by Jon Mollison - An alluring chanteuse uses everything she has to amass fame and glory. How many lives is she willing to destroy to reach the top?
  • The Lair of the Old Ones by Stanley W. Wagenaar - A wandering adventurer helps the daughter of a local ruling Baron in a scrap, and finds that her family's castle is hiding a monstrous secret.
  • Acme Denton: Out of Time by Michael Haynes - A mid-20th century PI finds himself transported to an Old West where magic is real, and really deadly.
  • The Last Contract by Dominika Lein - A futuristic hitman and his alien assistant go for one last job, but something is amiss.
  • Makani and the Vulture God by Paul R. McNamee - When treachery disrupts an ancient contest, Makani the ka-man must fight human and supernatural foes to retrieve the stolen spirit of his friend.
  • Night of a Thousand Eyes by Deborah L. Davitt - Arthur Polaris long ago uploaded to an android body. Now, he's investigating the disappearance of several other GalSec operatives on a corporation world. The dark secrets he learns might just cost him his life.
  • Black Dog Bend by JD Cowan - A musician stumbles into a time warp and finds himself part of a revenge plot. Now he must battle a killer dog, hired hitman, and a witch to escape.
  • Swimming with the Devil by William Eckman - A Persian pearl diver decides to cut out the middleman when selling his pearls. He ends up at the mercy of pirates, then slavers, then a sea monster.
Don't miss a word of the excitement.

StoryHack Issue #7
Find it Here!

"Golden Echoes" by JD Cowan

An agent goes undercover on a hidden planet to thwart a mad cult leader who is about to unleash a device that splits open the universe itself.

Cirsova #11
Find it Here!

Dead Planet Drifter


Galactic Enforcer Ronan Renfield finds himself prisoner of a death-worshiping cult! Can the whispers from his past aid him in his battle against the cannibals?!

*Out Of Print*

The following is a list of works that are Out of Print, but you might be able to find on the second hand market. Mush as I'd prefer for everything to stay in print, it's not always up to me. So here are works I am apart of that are no longer available.

Superheroes: The Crossover Alliance V. 3

Some pursue heroism, others are thrust into it. Superheroes. They live among us, some hidden in plain sight, others as well-known celebrities. All carry a burden and a purpose: to destroy the evils of this world and keep the common man safe from harm. But evil is a strong thread that refuses to be cut. How much sacrifice will be demanded to destroy that which seeks to destroy us, and are there enough heroes to do the job? Experience a collection of short stories brimming with the struggles of heroism and the dark side of villainy, where real-world content merges with Christian fiction to produce a unique storytelling atmosphere.

Someone Is Aiming For You
by JD Cowan

The Seeker is a legend in Summerside. He is a Crusader (an illegal hero) who hunts down shadows that hide from the light. No one knows what he is. Most do not even believe he is real. But tonight he faces down a crime kingpin who might have fallen into trouble too deep swim out of. What lies in the dark corners of Summerside? Not even the criminals know.

Paragons: An Anthology of Superheroes

Look - up in the sky!

They awe us. They fill us with wonder. But most of all, they inspire us – to be stronger, faster, and smarter. Superheroes teach us how to aspire to the best versions of ourselves. Enjoy this master collection of collection of 13 tales of all-new, all-original superheroes from today’s up and coming science fiction and fantasy masters!

When the police fail to take down the super powered mobs a rogue vigilante steps up to the plate in Nightstick by Kai Wai Cheah. Peek in on a superhero marriage proposal via Blackout by Morgon Newquist. When a young nuclear engineer gains superpowers, the Soviet government wants to control her for the sake of the motherland in Stalina by Sam Kepfield.

Enjoy these tales and more by Alt-Hero novelist Jon Del Arroz, Dragon Award and Hugo Award nominee Kai Wai Cheah, Dragon Award nominee Declan Finn, and others!

*Contains Someone is Aiming for You*

Planetary Anthology Uranus

Planetary Anthology Sol

Dimension Bucket (Autumn 2018)

Endless Nights in Villain City
By JD Cowan

When faced with sudden power in a city of hero and villains a man finds himself at a crossroads. His world is limitless As his power grows, so does his hunger for justice. But what sort of justice does a man like Horace actually want?

Phantom War
Mirage Carousal
What's It Like in There?

& more to be announced!