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Super Signal Boost ~ Welcome to 2024!

Cirsova's New Kickstarter!

January is almost over, so it's time to highlight the real beginning of the year in regards to new projects. Everyone knows the first month of the year is basically a dead zone in just about every aspect of life, but once you get past it, wheels start rolling. Today I wanted to highlight some of those exact projects now coming to life.

Strap in, because we've got a few to go through. There is something for everyone.

Up first is a new Kickstarter project by Cirsova and Jim Breyfogle, the pair who worked together on the Mongoose & Meerkat series. This time, the project is a standalone novel, and just like the rest of Mr. Breyfogle's material, is reminiscent of the classics.

This time he's got a brand new book that's once again, just a bit different from what you might expect.

The project description:

Edward has caught a bad case of Dead!

While hurrying to his clerking job in London, Edward is attacked by a strange creature in an alleyway. Feeling ill, Edward consults his apothecary neighbor who informs him he's been infected with zumbiism, and is now among the Dead!

There is still hope, however! Sent on his way with a potent elixir that will stave off the effects of Dead, Edward must seek out the aid of a Necromancer in the Narrow World, a hidden realm of forgotten magic beyond the sea. But the next ship leaves in only an hour!

Want to know what happens next? Well, so do I.

Check out more about the project, as well as available formats here!

Find the collection here!

Now for something a bit different, let us go to the wild lands just outside of accepted normality. Last year I highlighted the first volume of Jacob Calta's ambitious 365 Infantry project, so it only stands to reason that this time we would see the second volume. And here it is.

For those confused about what 365 Infantry is, it would best be described as an ongoing serial focused on one world in multiple parts and subseries. The first volume started these different series' off, and the second continues them with all the work released in 2023, plus some bonus content. The original works are housed in the 365 Infantry Substack, where one can read new releases as they come out.

Here is the description of volume 2:

Back behind the wheel are the 25th century's most daring and courageous hounds! With the looming threat of the mad electric machine A.C.E.S., the scum and villainy of the Wastelands, and a mysterious new faction in the ongoing fight for freedom, the 365th Infantry and their many friends and allies are in it up to their necks. But all is not lost, not when these wolves are on the scene!

Writer Jacob Calta returns with another white-knuckled trip through a metalhead power fantasy future, armed with brisk storytelling, stylish prose, an enveloping world, the dynamic art of Kevin John Jacob, and a breathtaking cover illustration by the talented Temiree. Join the daring soldier Gibson, the sage General Knox, the tormented huntress Valentina, the mad-cap vigilante Lita, the wild-eyed lawman Nic, and the scores of colorful canine characters that populate the world of Haven and the Wastelands in 22 electrifying new stories of action, suspense, crime, romance and more

I've said before that the major advantage with NewPub is the freewheeling spirit of fun and unabashed excitement to do anything, and this project shows you exactly why that is. Also, while we're at it, Mr. Calta also released a new single you can hear here. He just doesn't stop!

You can find the second volume of 365 Infantry here.

You can find All Eyes on Ashley here!

Now for something a bit different, again, Let us turn to the All Eyes on Ashley project, just launched on Kickstarter!

This comic project concerns a hopeless young man who wishes to woo a beautiful woman, but just doesn't know how to do it! Will he figure it out, or is he doomed to being ignored forever? You'll have to read it and find out!

The description:

Everyone in the office drools over Ashley, and Spencer's had his eyes on her ever since she broke up with her successful boyfriend. But would she even pay attention to a guy like him?

Spencer is willing to try anything just to get her attention, but he has to become his own man before he can be worthy of her.

Read this new sweet 20-page romantic comedy comic by romance author Daniella Acera and DC Comics' Injustice artist Mike S. Miller with multiple beautiful covers for you to choose from.

Check out the campaign page for more about formats and extras, including an add-on for a novel!

You can find All Eyes on Ashley on Kickstarter here!

Find Cry Havoc Here!

Author Julie Frost is no stranger to wild tales of werewolves, and her new book is definitely no different. I hope you like action and horror, because you'll find plenty of both here. Just launched today, Cry Havoc looks to be as wild as its cover!

The description:

Nate Cassin, the alpha werewolf of Missoula, Montana, finds his little city has a big wolf problem when shredded bodies start showing up all over town. Faced with a hostile press and even more hostile hunters, he tries to protect his innocent pack of eight at the same time they try to track down two elusive killers in an area of 35 square miles with a plethora of hiding places.

He's seen this before. And the hunters always, always go overboard and decide the only good werewolf is a dead one, no matter who's actually responsible. His pack will be collateral damage unless he can find the enemy wolves—and stop their broken alpha—before they turn his hometown into a human buffet.

You can find Cry Havoc here!

Paper Doll Veronika can be found here!

For something, once again, a bit different, check out this comic crowdfund for Part 1 of the Paper Doll Veronika comic series. It comes with an incredible 230 pages(!) and a unique artstyle for the first part of this project.

The description:

Veronika Bosch has never left her father's estate. But one day, seven jealous animals invade her home and kick her out! What lies ahead is a whimsical journey of magic and adventure.

A cross between collage and puppetry, every page of this comic is made by arranging articulated hand-drawn paper dolls on backgrounds collaged of decorative paper and ephemera.

This first printed book will include Part I - Forest, which is 24 chapters, approximately 450 images.

There is also more about the different page formats, so be sure to check out the campaign for yourself and decide which is more for you.

You can find Paper Doll Veronika here!

Find the Catgirl in Pink & Other Short Stories here!

One of the advantages to the NewPub scene is that you truly can do anything, and I mean anything. Take this new project, The Catgirl in Pink & Other Short Stories by Edmund Miller. Here you get 22 short stories you'd never see anywhere else for pocket change, all as bizarre as the title story might suggest they are.

The description:

A lonely man meets a mysterious catgirl at a bar. A homeless man ingests pills that allow him to see the past and future. A female cyclist goes missing in a forest. A scientist tries to unravel the secrets of astatine. These stories and more can be found in this volume.

Once again, you can find The Catgirl in Pink & Other Short Stories here!

Find Defending the Wood Perilous here for free!

Lastly, I want to Defending the Wood Periloushighlight a free book from an extremely talented writer. That would be the above Defending the Wood Perilous by my editor and excellent author, L. Jagi Lamplighter!

The description:

You live in a fairytale.

You know the one, where a boy or a girl wanders into a strange land, unable to find home again. It is a story of darkness that crushes the spirit and of hope in the midst of the darkness.

That fairytale. The one where you are the hero.

People tell us that reading fantasy is escapism. But do you ever feel more alive, more real, than when you are reading? When we are reading a really good story, don’t we feel as if it allows us to burn with the bliss and suffer the sorrow of others? To come out of ourselves and be more than we would have been?

If your heart burns for brighter things, if you are one who yearns to venture Beyond the Fields We Know, this is for you.

Once again, you can find Defending the Wood Perilous for free here!

That's all for today, but I think this sufficiently highlight how packed the start of the year already is for new projects. We've barely begun, and already there is a stack of new creative projects just waiting for audiences to dig in and enjoy them.

And again, 2024 just started! There is much more excitement to come.

So keep your chin up, because you've got an exciting year ahead full of fun surprises, including from yours truly. Just wait and see!

Until then, enjoy the new projects and I will see you next time. There is much more to look forward to, even beyond the year ahead.

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