Generation Y

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This is a free collection of essays from this blog and others created to define a specific generation of people that have been forgotten in the haze of modernity. Spanning across the past five years, join us as we learn who these people are, and what future they have going forward.

The description:

Generation Why?

There is an epidemic in the modern age: a crisis of meaning. Why is it the world we were promised back in the 1980s and 1990s seems so far away now? Whatever happened to those hopeful kids from back then? Whatever happened to Generation Y?

From authors Brian Niemeier (Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You), David V Stewart (The Keys to Prolific Creativity), and JD Cowan (The Pulp Mindset), comes this collection of essays about a lost generation trapped in a modernity they were never prepared for.

Read on and discover how Madison Avenue shenanigans, social instability, mindless progress, and general ineptitude, led an entire generation of people through the cracks--and how we can find them again.

Also note that this is a full work and spans quite the range of topics in regards to generations and generational theory. There is a lot to chew on, so please dive right in.

You can download it here!

Note: We included files for physical copies if you wish to print one out for your own personal use. Do not attempt to sell this book, it is meant to be free.

Thank you for reading!

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