Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Muppets - New Trailer

This is the first peek at the pilot for the new "Muppets" TV show. Now, I am a fan of the Muppets in general, but I'm not quite sold on this show. Mostly because I'm so sick and tired of the single camera sitcom format (which Gonzo handily skewers here) and I don't like the more PG-13 language in the dialogue (The Muppets have always had jokes for older audiences, but they were never this blatant), but otherwise it is a funny and clever promo.

Unfortunately, it looks like it might be airing the same time as "The Flash" this season which means I'll probably end up missing it. Strange that for the first time in like a decade I'm watching more television shows than ever, handful they made be, and they still all center their airings on two days of the week.

Oh well. Here's hoping it's good!

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