Friday, 8 December 2017

It's Here!

After such a long time putting this book together, Grey Cat Blues is finally available in Kindle! Paperback should hopefully be out shortly.

For those new to this whole thing, I wrote a few posts on this novel including an excerpt, background, and a general introduction post including a cover reveal.

Siege on the Shadow Planet! 
Ex-punk Two Tone is left for dead and his friend is taken. His assailants: men of mud from some place darker than Hell! 
The inscrutable Sarpedon has slithered from the depths to rule a planet that has long abandoned hope for a better tomorrow. With no one to stop his spree of violence, it is only a matter of time before Two Tone’s world is overrun. 
Old friends and a mysterious beauty gather by his side, but are they enough? Is it too late for this dying world? If all cats are grey in the dark, will anyone see the panther stalking its prey? Two Tone will find the answers the best way he knows how—through his fists! 
Grey Cat Blues tells the tale of a distant planet at humanity’s end. In this place, a man must choose between love and hate. And where his choice leads him might not be where he expects . . .

After all is said and done, the book is finally out for you to enjoy. Please read and leave comments and reviews so I can learn exactly what you think. It's very important for writers to know what their audience thinks so they can only improve and do better next time.

That said, this book was a lot of fun to write. If you enjoy books with action, mystique, danger, and a quick ride you won't soon forget, then this one is for you. Check it out today!

Grey Cat Blues is available for Kindle here. Once again, thank you for reading!


  1. JD

    Congrats. I really really like the cover. Is the novel a text story or is it a comic? 'Cause if it's a comic, i'd consider buying; if not, i'll still consider it :)

    1. Thanks. The cover was done by Kukuruyo who went above giving me what I asked for.

      It's a pulp length novel, not a comic. I, unfortunately, do not possess the artistic talent to draw. But thanks for your interest!

  2. JD

    Thanks for the clarification. I still love the cover.


  3. I'm not sure why your comment isn't showing up, Pat, but thanks for it regardless. I appreciate it.

  4. "Let's see if this one works....

    "I dunno if you're familiar with the band Riot (an American band that's bigger in Japan than America) but Grey Cat Blues reminds me of their songs "Johnny's Back", "Bloodstreets", and "Still Your Man". All 3 are about an ex-gang leader named Johnny. Check 'em out or at least look up the lyrics!"

    I have no idea why your comments aren't showing up, but I checked out the songs, Pat. They are kicking good.

    When I was writing the book there were a few songs playing through my head. One of the ones that pushed me to finally writing the story was this one: