Monday, December 4, 2017

Grey Cat Blues Preorder!

Hey everyone, I'm here to let you know that my next book, Grey Cat Blues, is up for preorder and will be out on Friday, December 8th, for Kindle. I hope to have the paperback version ready by then, but that remains to be seen.

For those unaware, this action story takes place many years in the future on a distant planet where humanity has become as cold and distant as the harsh conditions surrounding them. After hundreds of years, a dark being emerges from the shadows to strangle what remains of us.

This is the description:

Siege on the Shadow Planet! 
Ex-punk Two Tone is left for dead and his friend is taken. His assailants: men of mud from some place darker than Hell! 
The inscrutable Sarpedon has slithered from the depths to rule a planet that has long abandoned hope for a better tomorrow. With no one to stop his spree of violence, it is only a matter of time before Two Tone’s world is overrun. 
Old friends and a mysterious beauty gather by his side, but are they enough? Is it too late for this dying world? If all cats are grey in the dark, will anyone see the panther stalking its prey? Two Tone will find the answers the best way he knows how—through his fists! 
Grey Cat Blues tells the tale of a distant planet at humanity’s end. In this place, a man must choose between love and hate. And where his choice leads him might not be where he expects . . .

I had a blast writing this, and my editor, L. Jagi Lamplighter helped me find ways to make it even better. I'm really excited to share this story with all of you. Please check out the link below.

You can preorder here.

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