Friday, 14 December 2018

Signal Boost ~ "A Traitor to Dreams" by Alexander Hellene

You can find it Here

Today I wanted to talk about a recent book release. A Traitor to Dreams is from friend of the blog Alex from Amatopia who was kind enough to offer me a free review copy. I have not yet finished it, but since this is a new release from a new author I thought it deserved the spotlight. It's also good enough that it should be on more people's radar.

As always with the books I like to talk about, this one isn't quite normal. It's actually quite weird. A mixture of genres like you aren't used to, it is difficult to describe. You won't find a novel like this coming out of Traditional Publishing, especially these days. As usual, that is definitely a good thing.

The official description is as follows:
"Ideomatic, Inc. has perfected humanity. Their Dream Trashcan can create the ideal you. 
"Elpida Kallistos has everything she wants . . . almost. There is one unfulfilled dream, one desire standing between her and happiness. Enter the Dream Trashcan from Ideomatic, Inc., guaranteed to eliminate unwanted desires while you sleep. All it takes is the click of a button and the desire is gone, permanently. 
"And it works! But when Elpida has second thoughts and opens up her Dream Trashcan, she finds more inside than circuitry and wires. She finds a whole other world . . . the Dreamscape, a realm where angelic, winged beings called Stewards hunt down desires made flesh. But her presence makes the Dreamscape unstable, and Ideomatic will do anything to get her out. 
"Chased by Ideomatic’s minions, Elpida must discover her Steward’s true identity, learn the secrets of the Dream Trashcan, and unravel Ideomatic’s plans . . . before she’s devoured by her own desires."
One thing I can tell you from being halfway through this book is that the description doesn't really emphasize how insane and intense things get as it goes. And it doesn't start off slow either. You will get more action and adventure than you can shake a stick at along with an unsettling creeping terror out of your nightmares. The genre is a lot harder to pin down as even the description won't tell you what a weird mix of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, it actually is. It is quite original.

On top of it Each character has a distinct voice and motivation for going on this batty journey. Heroes and villains are distinct and each interesting in their own right. These are people (and animals) you want to follow along with until the end.

And what more can you really want from a book?

I'll be sure to give a more in depth review when I'm finished, but for now I do recommend checking it out if you want some good old fashioned fun. It is a good dose of fresh energy in a very stale industry.

It's good to see so many independent authors reminding all of us just how wondrous storytelling can be. Books like this just aren't that common, especially not these days. However, independent and smaller press books are trying their best to shake things up. This is one of them.

You can find A Traitor to Dreams here on amazon. It's been a good year for writing. Here's hoping next year can match this one.

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