Friday, 13 February 2015

Why waste your time?

So, there's this awful movie based on this awful book coming out this weekend. Instead of wasting your time (and rotting your soul with garbage) why not instead spend your time doing something else?

You could watch romance movies that mean something for instance. There are decades of worth of good ones to see with your significant other. And if you're a dude like me, you might instead by drawn to something like Romancing the Stone or the like-- something with adventure to watch with your special lady. Whatever. The point is, you could be watching better movies that are better written, have some sense of morality, and will actually entertain you.

Heck, you could read something better, too. Even guys like Jane Eyre for good reason. You've got this intelligent woman, though plain-looking she might be, discovering the true meaning of loving another through bad decisions and sacrifice. I'm fairly certain no one learns to love being beaten, either. Or pick up a Georgette Heyer novel. I've heard those are always fun, and I've got some on my list to read, too.

Point being, there are much better alternatives this weekend both for you and your significant other. Why not engage in them instead of supporting garbage? You'll be better off.

I promise.

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