Friday, 29 July 2016

Writing Update

I realize there hasn't been much news on the writing front recently. To tell you the truth, that's because I've mostly been writing away. It's also because whenever I stop to talk about something that I begin to slack on it. Not sure why it happens, but it does.

I've been working on a novel for over a year and a half. My editor and I consider it more of a young adult novel, but I don't like to describe it as one. It doesn't have anything in common with what you'll find being pushed by the big publishers.

It isn't so much because of perfectionism that it's taken so long, but because I've been spending a lot of time fleshing out the world and characters and editing accordingly. It is the first in a series, and I want to make sure I don't mess up the first one. For those who have actually read my novella (my condolences), rest assured that this is much better, and different. I have also gotten an editor who is quite amazing and has offered a lot of great advice. More on this project hopefully by the end of the summer. That is when I hope to have the first book finished and out.

On the other hand, I've been working on a couple of short stories in another series that has been gnawing at my brain for the past year. However, most of the magazines or anthologies I'm interested in submitting to don't close (or open) their submissions until at least winter, and I hope to have those done in time.

In other words, there is a lot of activity going on right now.

As for what they're about? Well, if you keep up with this blog, you probably know my tastes pretty well.

I tend to write things that I'd like to read, or would like to have read when I was younger. Whether that is old school anime-influenced fantasy, or a more thoughtful and pulpy superhero piece, I don't tend to write stuff you'd find on the bookshelves of modern book stores.

Of course, this is why I won't be submitting anything to mainstream publishers.

I have no political agenda or nihilistic tale to beat people over the head with. All I have are fun stories that I hope others dig as much as I enjoyed writing them. I also don't find much joy in giving up the majority of my rights in order to get little to no promotion, editing, or control. I can do or pay all of those myself. It's indie for me.

In the end, it might take a bit longer, but I hope you have patience! The stories are on the way.

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