Monday, August 28, 2017

Signal Boost ~ "Good to the Last Drop" by Declan Finn

Check it out Here!

You read that right, the last book in Declan Finn's Dragon-nominated four-part vampire saga is here! If you want a fast-paced, and fun, vampire series where vampires follow the rules and yet are still incredibly intimidating then this is the one for you. The series contains elements of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, which is more than welcome these days when genre boundaries are guarded like Fort Knox, and engaging characters that you want to root for.

This is a tight old school vampire usage which hasn't been seen in the genre world since at least the 80s. I'm nonplussed to think of a series of vampire books I have enjoyed more than this one. Most of them either go goofy with the mythos or the creature, or the story looses focus. But these books are tight and to the point. I'm certain the last book will be more of the same.

The description of the final book is as follows:

"The final war is about to begin, in this conclusion to the Dragon Award Nominated series 
"Merle Kraft, Marco Catalano and Amanda Colt have battled against the mythical Council, a supernatural conspiracy that monsters fear. This war has brought them up against vampires, minions, and demons from Hell.. Along the way, they have accumulated allies among the police, the military, the mafia, college students, lowly street gangs, and even other vampires. 
"Marco and Amanda have overcome their biggest terror -- their passion for each other. 
"But now, they face the final threat, one that is the culmination of every threat before them. This creature from Hell has powers beyond anything they’ve ever seen before, and has allies of his own: including SpecOps minions, an army of vampires, and packs of werewolves. 
"And that was before Marco got bit."

You can read my reviews for book one, two, and three,in the links provided. Suffice to say, I was a big fan of all three.

I will be reviewing this one eventually, but I'm pretty sure it will be as worth your time as the first three books are.

And good luck to the author in the Dragon Award ballot. As far as new series go, this was one of the freshest I've engaged in in years. If you haven't dove in yet, this is your chance!

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