Tuesday, October 24, 2017

True Paragons

I'm happy to announce that my story "Under Suspicion in Summerside" will be part of the upcoming superhero anthology Paragons by Silver Empire.

I'm particularly excited as I am a fan of many of the authors included within and am excited to read the stories from the ones I am unfamiliar with. Superhero stories in novel and short story form are not as common as you would think despite the genre's current popularity level. Silver Empire gathering a bunch of us together like this is a real treat both for me as an author and as a reader.

Under Suspicion in Summerside is about a pair of heroes named Flatline and Concrete who arrive to foil a bank robbery from a man with exploding skin and his cronies. While this is going on, two civilians ponder if true heroes still exist or if they really have died off long ago. This was a fun story to write.

There are four types of powers in the story. Physical types are those with naturally enhanced physical attributes like super strength or speed. Mental types deal with the mind and are the rarest type of power. Elemental types are those with mastery and control over specific elements like metal or electricity. The last kind, Abnormal types, deals with inexplicable abilities that cannot be categorized such as exploding skin. Even with the categories, those with powers are still a smaller percentage of the known population. This isn't an X-Men situation: those with powers are employed as little more than legal enforcers for the law.

At least, that concerns those with known abilities. Heroes who operate illegally as vigilantes are known as Crusaders for their reputation as those who will do anything to stop evil. They're controversial, but not without their admirers.These two types of heroes are what my stories in this series revolve around.

I've written a few short stories around the city, Summerside, and have started a short novel as well. The tales all tend to lean closer to the older pulp hero than the modern superhero, though I try to see how the two can intersect when I can. They've been a real joy to write.

The first of these stories was Someone is Aiming For You which was included in The Crossover Alliance Volume 3 which you can find here. Under Suspicion in Summerside is the second of these stories. I should have a third one out by the end of the year, but details on that will have to wait until a later date. I'm also working on a novel in this world to be released early next year.*

If you're a fan of superheroes, heroes and villains, or pulp heroes then be sure to check these stories out. I'm looking to throw everything I have into making these as fun as possible.

For now, check out Paragons when it comes out in early November. If you want to read exciting stories about heroes, and if you're here I can't imagine you don't, then this is for you. After all, who doesn't like a good hero?

Nobody, that's who.

*My next novel before this is nearing completion and should be out in November. When the final date has been nailed down I will make another post about it. I'm really excited about this one, too, so please look forward to it!


  1. JD, I was glad to see your name on the author list. Having read over your blog a bit, I can say with certainty that you know superheroes.

    Looking forward to reading your story alongside all the other excellent authors selected.