Friday, January 31, 2020

Signal Boost ~ "Clockmaker: A Steampunk Novel" by Kristen Brand

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Before the weekend hits, I've got a new deal for you. From Silver Empire comes this new Steampunk novel from superhero author Kristen Brand! For those long for high adventure, you'll definitely find it here. The newpub revolution continues.

The description:

Melek is used to living life on the edge.
The captain of her own airship, she makes her own destiny. The Sultana is her home, and its crew is her family. 
But she’s not used to living on the edge of financial ruin. Work has dried up. Her ship needs repairs, and her men need to be paid. 
When she thinks all is lost, an arrogant and obscenely wealthy man named Aldric Lesauvage hires her to get him and his possessions to Istanbul. Quickly, and without any questions asked, of course. Melek has little choice but to accept the offer, even though she knows he’s hiding something. 
Her other choice is to give up her ship. And that’s a choice she won’t make. 
Kristen Brand returns to her steampunk world and launches into the skies of Europe with Captain Melek and her airship! Vivid characters, action-packed scuffles, and mechanical creations abound in this exciting tale. Readers who love bold heroines, high flying adventure, and science that pushes the boundary of morality will love Clockmaker! 
Will Melek discover what her passenger is hiding before it’s too late? Or will the automatons of her nightmares finish off the Sultana and its crew once and for all? 
Join Melek’s crew and buy Clockmaker today!

You can find Clockmaker on amazon here.

In this day and age supporting upcoming authors is paramount to creating a new ecosystem outside the failing Oldpub model. If you want things to change then it is important to look into those hoping to make said change.

For example, here is a bundle of adventure stories from upcoming authors available at StoryOrigin. Be sure to give their hard work a look over. There are many writers putting out quality work and trying to share it with you.

I'm one of those authors. Check out my superhero meets fantasy noir adventure today!

The Newpub revolution is here!

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