Friday, March 20, 2020

Grey Skies in the Wasteland

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I apologize for the lateness of this week's post. It's been touch and go recently, and I have been scrambling to keep up.

Things have been a bit sticky out there. I don't think I need to explain why that is. You know. However, things are not all bad, and there is a break in the clouds coming. Sit tight and the grey skies will soon break. Until then, those of us in the pulp revolution have something for you.

Spearheaded by author David V Stewart, a bunch of us writers have gotten together to create a free anthology for you to read during these trying times. Over 200,000 words of fiction awaits you in this new anthology from 17 different authors.

It's called Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love: Infectious Tales of Fantasy & Suspense Designed to Spread the Pulpdemic. Yes, that's the real title. Humor is big with this group, especially of the off-kilter kind. But the stories are serious. Well, most of them.

As the title might say, this is a bit of a wacky project. There is no overall theme, no set length for the stories, and no unifying genre. You have flash fiction, short stories, novelettes, and even a full novel inside! What brings them together is the focus on entertaining you, the reader. There are new stories, obscure stories, and reprints of overlooked stories. It's a true grab-bag of goodies.

A bunch of the authors got together on Wednesday night to discuss the project, among other things.

You can watch it here:

My included story is Someone is Aiming for You, the first in my recent book of the same name. If you haven't jumped in yet, enjoy this preview of the full length work. I wanted to get this out to as may folks as possible. It's a noir action story about a man named The Seeker who is up against insidious forces hiding in the city of Summerside. Did I mention there is magic? But this isn't your Mom's Urban Fantasy. What lurks in the corners of the dark city isn't of wands and pixie dust, but far blacker stuff. Read it for free today!

However, the author list is quite impressive going even beyond my entry. This is how you know the book is high quality. We all made sure to put in top notch stories for the readers. There is no skimping due to the price.

The description:

Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love is here to rescue you from the existential horror of indoor life, by offering you a glimpse into other worlds of wonder, whimsy, and warped humor. 
Tales of high adventure, escapist fantasies, and thrilling stories of suspense await within, from some of the keenest and most rebellious minds in pulp fiction, with a foreword by the infamous Daddy Warpig. 
With 200,000 words of exciting fiction, most never before published, including two full books and two full novellas, Corona-Chan is serious about spreading the disease LOVE!
Read it today! 
The complete catalog of collected chronicles:

“Quarantine” by artist Jesse White

"Anacyclosis" by Brian Niemeier

“A Song of I.C.E. and Fire” by Jon Del Arroz

"In the Forest of Wast" by Alexander Hellene

“Exiled in the Desert” by John Daker

“Iron and Steel” by KP Kalvaitis

“Someone is Aiming for You” by JD Cowan

"Immortal Thunder" by Matt Wellman

“Bringing down the Mountain” by Nathan Dabney

“At the Feet of Neptune’s Queen” by Abraham Strongjohn

“Going Native” and “Warrior Soul” by J. Manfred Weichsel

"The Battle of the Turasa Nebula" by Yakov Merkin

“An Eye for Eligos” by Alexandru Constantin

"Adventure Constant" (full novel) by Jon Mollison

“Star Support” by Val Hull

“The Age of Petty States” by Rawle Nyanzi


"The Crown of Sight" by David V. Stewart

Check it out today! It should be on amazon for free soon and I will update this post with the link when it is. [UPDATE: it is live! For now it is for free at book funnel. So please get it for free there

In other news, I can now officially announce something else new. I have officially become part of yet another anthology!

Preorder Here!

Remember the Planetary Anthology? My story, The Cold Heart of Ouranos, is in the Uranus volume, and can be found here. But that won't be the only story I have in the series!

For the next five months, Tuscany Bay will be re-releasing the old Superversive Press editions of the old anthologies (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter), some with new stories, before coming back around for the final three volumes. Out last will be Sol, Neptune, and Saturn.

I can now announce that my story, Judgement Sun, will be in the upcoming Sol Planetary Anthology from Tuscany Bay! This one won't be out until the end of the year, but preorders are out now for it and some of the authors in it are names you will get excited for. 

My tale is one I worked hard on. I can't wait for you to read this story. It is one of my favorites that I've written and I was hoping it could come out in this anthology. Thanks go to Richard Paolinelli and Tuscany Bay for resurrecting this series!

As said before, much praise should go to author Richard Paolinelli for rescuing the project and bringing it to fruition. Both authors and readers have really enjoyed these projects are are happy to see them continue, I am merely one voice in a crowd. By 2021, this years in the making project will finally have been completed at 11 volumes. I look forward to seeing what the final list of contributors will look like when it is finished. Guaranteed it will be surprisingly large!

But that isn't everything.

The newsletter treat I promised at the start of the year is on the way! My editor returned edits to me and I am about halfway through the notes. The cover art I commissioned is being made as we speak. By April I should have news for subscribers on what it is and when it'll be out. The best news? It will be free! My readers only deserve the best, and I wanted to give them a treat for sticking with me for so long now.

This going to be a doozy, so sign up ahead of time!

That is all for this week. I apologize for not having a larger more involved post, and for being a bit late, but my mind has been preoccupied with current happenings and personal issues unfolding from said happenings. Next week should be back to normal for the blog. Until then, enjoy this free book with a swath of excellent stories.

There's still plenty of adventure to be had out there, and more is on the way! The grey skies are going to break, just wait it out.

What's coming will be better than you can imagine!

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