Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Signal Boost ~ "Frozen Dreams" by Moe Lane

Find it Here!

This week I wanted to highlight this unique book that was created through a very successful crowdfunding campaign. This is slowly becoming NewPub's biggest avenue of reaching readers. Today I wanted to bring up the first book in what author Moe Lane calls a "post-apocalyptic high urban fantasy pulp detective" series, entitled Frozen Dreams.

As the description says:


"This is going to be the best post-apocalyptic high urban fantasy pulp detective novel you will read today! Join Shamus Tom Vargas as he Clears a murder Case in Cin City, capital of the magical kingdom of New California. It's his job; in fact, you might say it's his calling."

Once again, you can find Frozen Dreams here.

The author also just released an anthology not too long ago, which you might also want to check out. It is called Anagnorisis: Four Tales of Transformation.

Find it Here!

The description states:

"There are four stories in this mini-anthology, for a total word count of 32,000; it also comes with original illustrations! The stories share the theme of Anagnorisis (the sudden and dramatic defining of one's true nature), but do not share a universe. HOLDOUTS speaks to the aftermath of the Vampire Wars; THE HOUSE matches a unsettling location with an unsettling protagonist; OLD LOU examines what it's like to have a barely-controlled monster in your head; and NOTHING LIKE A GOOD BOOK introduces the occult investigatory team of Cosgrove and Stewart! Stories to entertain, and hopefully surprise."

Once again, you can find Anagnorisis here.

In other news I was recently interviewed by author and editor of the Superversive Anthology series Richard Paolinelli over at his site. It's good piece, if I do say so myself. You can read it here.

There is also a very big post in the works that I've been cobbling together for some time, as well as a serialized story I'm hoping to put on the blog for the readers. At the same time, I just sent Brutal Dreams off to my editor. The goal is to end 2020 with a bang with enough content to blow you away with in 2021.

Keep your eyes glued to Wasteland & Sky! There's a lot more on the way.


  1. I always enjoy these spotlight posts. There's so many odd books being written that wouldn't otherwise see the light of day, and it's wonderful. Also, nice interview! I look forward to your upcoming releases.