Saturday, April 3, 2021

Signal Boost ~ 9Volt Comics #3!

Find it Here!

The indefatigable ArtAnon, illustrator of Brian Niemeier's Combat Frame XSeed mecha, as well as Bradford C. Walker's Star Knight Saga, not to mention my very own Duel On Dalpha (which you can still get for free on the sidebar!) is part of yet another top notch comic book project!

This one is another anthology of talented comic artists stretching their wings into classic pulp stylings with an emphasis on wonder. Given the recent explosion of independent comics, you're going to want to check this one out. It's as weird as you could hope.

The description:

"Science Fiction and Fantasy! What could possible be a better combination? Here are NINE STORIES of spacefaring, futuristic cosmic magical mystery featuring action, adventure, and awesomeness. Featuring ArtAnon Studios, Dale A, Jim Stanislawski, Daniel McGuiness, Robin Taylor, Evan Hill, Jake Tvister, and Peter Seckler"

It's another packed edition of 9Volt. You can find it here!

In related news, Combat Frame XSeed's successful crowdfunding campaign is the most backed in the series thus far. It has been extended to give readers an opportunity to reach a new stretch goal to hit funding for the card game as well as 3D printed models! This is quite a big goal for a NewPub project, so be sure to back it today!