Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Dinosaur Destroyers

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It's been a busy summer full of releases, and it hasn't stopped yet. Today I would like to highlight a couple you might have missed.

In case you missed it, DMR Books recently put out the Prehistoric Adventures anthology, their follow-up to the recent Planetary Adventures release. This is yet another collection of classic pulp adventure tales reprinted for the first time in ages.

DMR have been on a bit of a roll this summer, putting out all kinds of classic pulp back out on the market. While that first volume focuses on the sword and planet style setting, this second one focuses on the caveman age!

Here is the story selection in the sequel volume:

“Dinosaur Destroyer” by Arthur Petticolas
“Spear and Fang” by Robert E. Howard
“With Weapons of Stone” by C.M. Eddy, Jr.
“Arhl-a of the Caves” by C.M. Eddy, Jr.
“Stories of the Stone Age” by H.G. Wells

Once again, you can find it here

But that is not all. As I said, DMR also put out yet another anthology! They apparently just don't know how to stop.

Find it Here!

Just last month, in August, DMR Books also put out a third volume in the series. This one is called Viking Adventures. I believe you can guess what this one is about just from the title. Nonetheless, it completes the short series that they have been releasing all summer in style. You aren't going to see this re-released by OldPub, that's for sure.

It is always good to see older material more readily available, especially these days when it's more likely to be buried, and these volumes have been a good resource for finding classic pulp. Without NewPub much of this material would be lost. Here is hoping for future entries in this vein from DMR and other publishers!

This is the story selection for the third volume:

“The Teuton’s Battle-song” (poem) by H.P. Lovecraft
“The Trader and the Vikings” by Poul Anderson
“The Regent of the North” by Kenneth Morris
“The Valkyries” by E.F. Benson
“The Passing of Sweyn” by Ray Wynn
“Seanachas” by Fiona Macleod
“Vengeance” by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur
“Ragnarok” (poem) by Henry Kuttner

Again, you can find it here.

It's been quite a summer, and it is finally coming to an end. But there has been quite a lot put out over these long months with much more to come in the future. I'll try to post more about these projects in the future when I can. Because there will definitely be more as OldPub continues to shrivel and NewPub flowers in its place.

Autumn is on the way. Until next time!

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