Friday, April 22, 2022

A Quick One ~ Five Book Giveaway!

Find it Here!

Short post today, but I wanted to guide you to this deal six authors are having for five books. Check the link here to get yourself a free book for a limited time.

The description:

SIX WRITERS are banding together to bring you a giveaway of FIVE SIGNED BOOKS. This drawing will have five winners, and each winner will receive:
  • A copy of SCATTERED, SMOTHERED, & CHUNKED, signed by John G. Hartness,
  • A copy of CODENAME: WINTERBORN, signed by Declan Finn & Allan Yoskowitz,
  • A copy of RIMWORLD: DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY, signed by J.L. Curtis,
  • A copy of IN THE PALACE OF SHADOW AND JOY, signed by D.J. Butler, and
  • A copy of NECROLOPOLIS: COLLECTION, signed by Benjamin Tyler Smith.

Holy cow, am I right?

Books will be shipped to winners from the individual authors, which means that if you win, it rain books on you in April and May, as five separate packages full of signed goodness come your way. Note that if you live outside the U.S. and shipping to where you live is prohibitive, some authors may send you ebook copies rather than physical books.

Enter here for a chance to win! Enter your email address, and you have one entry in the drawing.

Once again, you can find the giveaway here.

Hope you all are having a good April and I'll see you soon enough!

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