Friday, June 17, 2022

Super Summer Book Sale!

Find it Here!

In addition to the new issue of Cirsova, this weekend is having a big summer sale on NewPub books you might have missed! Included in this is my most recent release, Brutal Dreams. If you have yet to jump in, now is the perfect chance!

The sale is broken into separate sections. The first is called "Fan Favorites" and contains books that have been on sale before. You can find that one here!

Below is a list of the writers included in this section:

Authors include Travis J.I. Corcoran, L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Iris Paustian, Robert Kroese, David Drake, Denton Salle, Yakov Merkin, Alexander Hellene, Carlos Carrasco, Daniel Humphreys, Michael Z. Williamson, James Alderdice, Loretta Malakie, Fenton Wood, Timothy Zahn, David J. West, Declan Finn, Harry Harrison, J.M. Anjewierden, Jon del Arroz, John C. Wright, Tom Kratman, N.R. LaPoint, Neovictorian, Ingersoll Lockwood, Hans G. Schantz, Eric M. Hamilton, Kyle Adams, Daniel Humphreys, Kai Wai Cheah, Hawkings Austin, Christopher Landsdown, Kalkin Trevedi, Russell May, H.G. Wells, John Taloni, Charles E. Gannon, Francis W. Porretto, John Ringo, C. J. Carella, Jonathan P. Brazee, Brian Niemeier, David Weber, Kit Sun Cheah, Leigh Bracket, Frank B. Luke, Ryan Williamson, and Milo James Fowler..

I believe Pulp On Pulp is included in here, so check it out if you've missed it!

The second section is entitled "New Additions" and focuses on just what the title says it does. You can find this one here!

The list can be seen below:

Offerings include titles from Jonathan P. Brazee, Barry Scott Will, Declan Finn, Christopher Nuttall, Noble Red, Hawkings Austin, Todd Fahnestock, J.P. Mac, Mark Wandery, P.A. Piatt, Jon R. Osborne, Karl K. Gallagher, Laura Montgomery, J. M. Anjewierden, Thomas Sewell, James Alderdice, Jonathan Shuerger, Fenton Wood, Kit Sun Cheah, Denton Salle, T.J. Marquis, Neovictorian, Rick Partlow, Brian P. McCoppin, Kia Heavey, Henry Vogel,, John M. Olsen, David Skinner, Moe Lane, Joseph L. Kellogg, Christopher Meyer, Becky R. Jones, Buzz Parcher, David J. West, Stephen West, C.S. Johnson, Thomas Torrington, Paul Hair, J.D. Cowan, and Trevor R. Denning.

Aside from Brutal Dreams, Pulp Rock is also included in the sale! Basically, there is something for everybody in this one. Don't miss out on this weekend blitz!

Terror House Press also has their own sale going on, and amazon has a spend $15 on ebooks, get $5 back in credit sale. Your options certainly aren't limited here.

As I said, NewPub is on fire right now. The summer might just be starting, but it's starting strong, and it's only going to get better from here. We've got some good times ahead. Have a good weekend, and I'll see you next time!

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