Monday, 17 November 2014

NaNoWriMo Report

I am currently up to near 38,000 words. Should I keep it up, I will hopefully be done before the due date.

As for what I'm writing, well, it's a bit different from my usual stuff.

When I grew up there were a lot of stories about heroes transforming into powerful warriors to do battle with the forces of evil. When it wasn't episodic (as in, every week the good guys would defeat a new bad guy, but no plot would ever develop) the storyline always pulled me in with the twisting actions of the characters. I don't tend to see that too much anymore.

Sure there are TV shows and books for kids that feature good triumphing over evil, (or sometimes, regrettably, losing to it) there are few done in the style I'm speaking of. So, yes, this one aims broader with my audience intent, younger protagonists and all, but it still contains the type of story I like best. If I can ever get it done, I hope others will like it too.

Have a good Monday!

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