Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Daredevil starts this week!

I used to be a comic fan. Back when I was a kid and the stories used to be about good vs. evil and heroes overcoming the odds. They aren't really about that anymore.

The stories I used to love as a kid have moved on from being about the guy (or girl) you wish you could be and are now about the crazy guy who wears spandex and oh boy isn't that lame, huh? Post-modernism run amok. Nothing means anything, so why try? Instead it's become about being PC and pointlessly grimdark. I gave up years ago.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios have taken their properties to television and the movie screen and remembered to bring what it was that we loved about those old stories. The heroism, the action, and the excitement, have all brought Marvel tons of money and left audiences cheering for more.

Daredevil, from unnamed sources, appears to continue that tradition of classic stories brought to the screen and left shining. Of course, we can't know for sure until it's out this Friday, but given Marvel's batting record so far, I'm willing to give them the benefit of any doubt.

Daredevil is a blind vigilante looking to clean up the streets of Hell's Kitchen where the Kingpin,Wilson Fisk, has made his coup own it. Of course comparisons could be made to Batman (there is a Frank Miller connection, after all) but Daredevil is a bit more personal that Batman. Our hero is backed into a corner and left with little choice to stop evil, where Batman goes out to find it. This direct confrontation between good and evil is what gives Daredevil his appeal and what makes him such a fan favorite character.

So, this Friday (or weekend), you could do a lot worse than giving Netflix's Daredevil show a chance. It's only going to be 13 episodes long. Chances are, we'll all be begging for more when it's done.

I'm fairly sure that I will be.

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