Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"The Stronger the Light, the Darker the Shadows" ~ My Hero Academia Volume 8 Review

At the end of volume 7 Midoriya and Bakugo were in a wee bit of a pickle. If you have been keeping up with the series then you know the score. The two former friends are locked in a battle with the #1 hero All Might and have to beat him to get a passing grade for the semester.

No pressure or anything.

This leads to a fight that is impossible to win. Not just because it's All Might, but because Midoriya and Bakugo have to work together, and for two people who haven't liked each other since childhood to suddenly team up . . . that's a tall order.

However, what ends up happening is a bit remarkable, for both of them and for All Might. I also don't want to spoil it, but the results of this test comes back in a big way later, so be sure to keep special attention on what each of them say and do.

But there's more than those three to talk about. There's also focus on all the other students as they deal with their End of Term Exam, and how they've grown as heroes over the course of the series so far. They are having just as much of a tough time as Midoriya and Bakugo are. Here's a spoiler: they don't all pass.

Kohei Horikoshi has said before that the series is all about seeing what makes a hero. This volume is a good chance to see that in action. There are several characters who get a refresher on what it means to be a hero, and some that move closer to their goal of achieving it. Just wanting to be a hero isn't enough, it's all about the whys here. What is it that makes you don the cape to go out to fight evil and save people? For several students, it's a question they must ask themselves as they face their toughest challenge. Of course, they're also in a battle with pro heroes. The difference in experience and skill is very apparent, and that might make all the different whether some pass, or fail.

Volume 8 is a bit of breather between the insanity of the Field Training story where Midoriya and his fellow heroes in training fought a killer before he struck again, and the upcoming Summer Camp where things begin to go sideways. You'll see when we get there. That's not until next time.

What this means is that volume 8 is bit heavier on character development in between the action than the previous volume. It's still as great as ever, but at this point the story is building up to the next event. And trust me, what this leads to is going to be worth it.

What I want to bring up is the end of the volume where Midoriya meets someone he hasn't seen for a long time and has a nice heart to heart chat with him. Who am I speaking of? Let's just say he's handy at breaking into schools and threatening the #1 hero. This interview is the final dramatic sting to end the volume. It also leads to one of the best parts in the series . . . but that will have to wait until volume 9.

On a somewhat related note, this volume is where I feel season 2 of the anime will end. So if you want to get ahead of the pack who are watching but not reading, this volume will have you covered.

Until next time!

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