Saturday, August 22, 2020

Signal Boost ~ Misha Burnett's "Endless Summer" Kickstarter!

Find it Here!

The summer isn't over yet, and plenty of creators still have new projects out and about for you to take a gander at! It's been a busy year, and it's only looking to get busier.

Today we're looking at a joint release between the good folks at Cirsova Publishing and Nu Wave author Misha Burnett: a short story collection currently being crowdfunded as we speak. For anyone plugged into the pulp world you know why this is a big deal! Misha Burnett is a pulp author with tons of great stories under his belt, and Cirsova has been on a publishing storm these past few years cranking out excellent collections and the always appreciated magazine swimming in the newest writers of adventure and wonder.

That's a long way to see that you're in for a good time when either are involved in a project.

The description:

"Misha Burnett is a master of the macabre and champion of the New Wave. His talent for tales runs the gamut of weird fiction from contemporary Urban Fantasy to Sword & Sorcery to Science Fiction, all with his unique (and slightly twisted) take!

"Misha Burnett's Endless Summer is a collection of strange and chilling tales of Mankind's future, near and distant, from tomorrow until beyond the mark of history, through Civilization's zenith, decline, destruction, and ultimately, Mankind's rebirth! 

"Cirsova Publishing invites you to embark on an incredible and breathtaking journey across the ages, beginning with the time-travel thriller from the pages of Cirsova magazine, The Bullet from Tomorrow, and running through eleven original stories that hold up a mirror to the worst and, more importantly, the best that humanity has to offer! Plus, a foreword by rising pulp star Schuyler Hernstrom (Thune's Vision, Eye of Sounnu)!"

Once more, you can find it here!

There is available as an ebook, trade paperback, and hardcover version as well as many different extras in different tiers to select from. Be sure to choose what interests you the most before supplies run out. They tend to in these sorts of crowdfunds.

That's all for today! The summer's not over yet, so who knows what else is on the way. Pulp never sleeps, after all! It only gets stronger and stronger by the day.

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