Saturday, September 5, 2020

Signal Boost ~ Labor Day Blowout!

Find it Here!

Welcome to the weekend! Are you in the mood for cheap (or free) books to keep you company? Be sure to check out this sale run by author Hans Schantz and find the book for you!

The description is here:

"Celebrate Labor Day Weekend by topping off your library. Select from over eighty titles each priced at $0.99, including more than a dozen that are absolutely free.

"The selection includes top science fiction, fantasy, and adventure authors like Deplora Boule, C.J. Carella, Paul Clayton, Travis Corcoran, Larry Correia, David Drake, Eric Flint, Declan Finn, Sarah Hoyt, Tom Kratman, Robert Kroese, Jon Mollison, John Ringo, David Weber, David J. West, Michael Z. Williamson, and a wide range of other established and emerging talent.

"Note that pricing is set by the authors or their publishers, so please confirm before you buy."

The full listing can be found on Mr. Schantz website here. There is no shortage of selection so be sure to take your time going through it!

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