Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Heroes Are Unleashed!

Find it Here!

Today, the next series in the Heroes Unleashed universe has begun! I know you've been waiting for this. The next series is the Teen Heroes Unleashed series by Paula Richey!

In case you are unaware, Heroes Unleashed is a franchise of multiple different series that takes place in the same universe and tend to crossover with each other. So far we have had the original, Morgon Newquist's Serenity City, followed by Kai Wai Cheah's Song of Karma, Jon Mollison's The Phoenix Ring, and Richard W. Watts' Atlantean Knights. And of course there is my own Gemini Man series (book 2 and 3 on the way this year!), as well as more surprises on the way. Teen Heroes Unleashed is the newest addition to the group, and it's a welcome one.

The description:

Penance Copper is tired of being a tool for evil.

She’s been working for Acid ever since she was small. She had no other choice, he owned her. Even with her superpowers, she’s never been able to escape. But at least he only has her steal. Never anything worse than that.

Until he orders her to use her powers to kill the superhero Justice for investigating trafficked girls.

Penance doesn’t want to be a murderer. She uses the opportunity to run away from Acid and make a new life. One where she can make up for everything she did on Acid’s orders.

But events larger than Penance are spinning into action, and soon she is embroiled in an intergalactic encounter with an alien boy named Kail, who is perhaps as lonely and broken as she is. Even if he is infuriatingly arrogant.

The first young adult series in the shared Heroes Unleashed universe launches with the Teen Heroes Unleashed series. Readers will love hardworking, sassy Penance as she tries to learn to use her superpowers to save the world instead of to steal.

Can Penance and Kail find the missing girls and save the Earth from an alien invasion? Or will Acid find her again and punish her for running away?

Read Penance today to find out!

This has been quite the project so far, so if you enjoy stories of heroes, fantasy, and pure action, then you will want to dive in today. While the OldPub has lost sight of the magic of heroism, we in NewPub very much have not. We're still putting it out there.

Check out Penance here.

Also, be sure to check out one of the author's other projects with IndieGen.XYZ, a way to unite NewPub creators and their audience under one banner for easy access.


  1. This looks interesting! So did a book in the recommended reading down below, called A Cat's Guide to Bonding with Dragons. Grabbed them both. :-D I'm writing a superhero series, too, and it's good to keep up with the genre.

    1. Good luck with your series! We can always use quality material.