Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Small Update & Signal Boost

Find it Here

Hello, fellow Adventurers! I just received an update regarding Pulp on Pulp that you should hear. It's not an emergency or anything of the like, but it is something you should be aware of.

My editor on the book has recently informed me that amazon refuses to lower the price to free for whatever reason, despite it being listed as free on other platforms. Instead of amazon, I suggest you get it from Smash Words, Barnes & Noble, Thalia, or Vivlio, instead, all of which offer it for the intended free price. I will change the rest of the links on the website to match. The physical version, however, remains the same as before.

But I don't just want to leave you with a simple update, so here is also a signal boost for a fun book you will enjoy. This is from one of the contributors to Pulp On Pulp, author TJ Marquis, and it is just the sort of action and adventure you are looking for!

Here is RawJack!

Find it Here!

The description:

It's been a generation since the first superhero arose to disrupt a society dominated by sorcery. 
Since then, their population has grown and they have built their own cities all across the magical planet Ellio.

Now, the magical 1% have discovered how to get rid of the thorns in their side, and no one with innate abilities is safe.

An impossible murder and an epidemic of sudden power loss lead our hero Jack to investigate, and his plucky wizard friend joins the fight. They want to go pro, and this could be their big break.

As they fall in with Durables, Speedsters, Hammers, Healers, and Empaths, they discover how deep and twisted the sorcerous elite’s plan really is.

But no one can be assured of victory when an agent of Chaos slinks onto the scene, prowling between the extremes of Justice and Domination.

Dive into this colorful magipunk world full of strange enchantments, true heroes, big surprises, and maybe a little romance.

Our Heroes:

Jack - an ultra-Durable hero with a food-based healing factor and a strange relationship with pain.
Dugen - a light mage loaded with enchanted gadgets and goodies.
The Slip - a talented rogue, she can slip through the cracks of space to get places other people can’t.
Riotman - the passionate hero. His emotional feedback affects others, empowering himself and his group.
Overdog - the canid-man, his specialty is hunting sorcerous Hunters.

And more!

Be sure to check it out today! Once again, you can find it Here!

I apologize for the smaller update today, but it is something you needed to be aware of. I'll be back with a bigger post later on in the week. Count on it!

Until then, enjoy the new month! We've got some surprises coming quite soon . . .

A cycle of revenge, magic, corruption, redemption, hope, and heroism, in the dark . . .


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  3. Hey Man, just read Pulp on Pulp and absolutely love it. I'm 41 and getting back into my writing hobby and self-publishing. I seriously thought I was one of the only pulp enthusiasts around. Love hardboiled crime and westerns and the action adventure stuff. Really inspired to work on pulpy short stories and through them up. Also, I'm checking out the work of you and the other authors in the books. Great stuff! Where do you guys get all this awesome cover art, though?

    1. Thanks for reading!

      There are many ways to find artists. You can look through places like deviantart or other artist sites, or you can find the artist info inside a book you like then search the artist up and hire them. You can find artists all over but they are typically busy so it is better to hire them ASAP.