Saturday, July 16, 2022

Weekend Rest Stop!

My newest book can be found Here!

How is summer going for you? It's been a long one, and the heat hasn't let up much at all. Nonetheless, there has been a lot going on.

I recently had an interview with DMR Books about my career in writing so far. It was a fun one. You can find my piece with them on their site here. Hard to believe I've been writing for about a decade at this point, but I have!

Other authors have also been putting out plenty of work themselves, as the recent Signal Boost post has shown. I also know plenty of other authors who are also working on material of their own. Hopefully I can share some of that with you in the future.

Today also features a new episode of Geek Gab, which never fails to be a listening podcast listen. You can find that one here.

As for me, I just finished up two short stories I'm submitting. Here's hoping those go well! Then it is on to finish Y Signal, and then to work on the Gemini Man Trilogy. That is more or less my plan for the rest of the year, God willing, unless something goes wrong. Here's hoping it doesn't!

This year has been a lot messier than I've hoped it would be. Hopefully things will settle down soon. It would definitely be nice.

Lastly, I'll leave you with two interviews done by VTuber Pipkin Pippa (Pippa Pipkin for you westerners) which are quite good listens. A while back she interviewed two different developers at currently crumbling video game megacorp Blizzard to see both what it was like back in the day, and what it became by the end. They are very informative at how such a titan could end up in such a joke state.

This is the first interview with someone who had been there since their heyday in the 1990s. It tells you a lot about how things changed. Yes, it even goes into some of the rumors, including the "breast milk" one. Suffice to say, the subject can get NSFW.

The second interview is radically different. This time she interviews someone who came along later with a vastly different view on the industry and the customers within. It also shows just how much things have changed in the industry, attitude-wise. This is probably a good example of what caused AAA to be the disaster it is today.

Keep in mind that these are long interviews, but they can be put on in the background as you do other things. If you want a good example as to how an entire industry destroyed itself with hubris and corporate nonsense, they are definitely worth delving into.

Do not think for a second other industries, such as the book industry, did not fall into this exact trap. The same mentalities killed both.

Regardless, have a good weekend. Summer isn't over yet, and there is plenty more to do. Hopefully it all turns out better in the end. We can only hope.

"Ever wanted to know why the fun and wonder has been sucked out of sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure? JD has the receipts. Essential reading." ~ Alexander Hellene, author of The Last Ancestor

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