Thursday, March 23, 2023

New Release: Sidearm & Sorcery Volume Two!

Find it Here!

I hope you're having a good Friday as we head into spring! Winter is finally over, and I have another surprise for you to end this week. As you can clearly tell, it's a good one!

The first question you might be asking is if I planned this. No, I can assure you that I did not plan to have two anthologies release in the same week! It just worked out that way. These things are not very easy to release as it is. But it is a great surprise to have! It isn't every day one gets to have two different anthologies release in the same week. So let us get to the meat of it. Today, Sidearm & Sorcery Volume Two releases!

For those who read the first volume of this anthology series, you know the score. Sidearm & Sorcery is framed around classic sword and sorcery stories that take place in the modern day among normal people like you or me. All the power of man against magic, but in a place where technology rules and where magic is underestimated. I'm sure you can see what that can lead to! What you get is a unique expansion on a storied and treasured genre.

Sidearm & Sorcery Volume Two is even bigger than the first volume, with many more stories and authors new to the series. The second entry contains seventeen (!) different stories of magic slicing through modernity, from a chunk of the most exciting authors in NewPub. This is no small tome, and you will find no shortage of adventure in these pages.

Here is the description:

Supernatural evils lay hidden, deep in the shadows of society. Be these dangers man or beast, they will strike at unsuspecting, everyday people. What if there are no selfless wizards around when a demon steps from the alley? What if there are no supers to be found when the ancient demigod awakens? What if there is no prophesy and no chosen one to stand in the way of the dark forces? In these cases, the regular people must must courage to face the foe. The protagonists in these stories have no magic powers, but they refuse to be powerless. This collection of 17 short stories brings you new adventures and new dangers, all in modern settings.

Welcome to Volume Two of the Sidearm & Sorcery series. This anthology includes:

  • Flaxen Wires by Bryce Beattie
  • First Kiss, First Kill by Beth Buck
  • They Delved Too Deep by Misha Burnett
  • City Eater by JD Cowan
  • Swamp Serpents by Nathan Dabney
  • In the Hall of the Crocodile King by Michael DeCarolis
  • Personal Mythologies by Dale Glaser
  • Scent of the Sand Wurm by James Krake
  • A Moonblessed Hunt by John Longtain
  • Den of the Necrolord by TJ Marquis
  • Ain't No Grave by Jason McCuiston
  • The Red Horse of War by Z. M. Renick
  • Souldrinker by Frank Sawielijew
  • A Shilling for your Troubles by Mark Schultis
  • The Baron of Nevada & His Branded Broads by David Skinner
  • Infestation by H.A. Titus
  • The Galveston Incident by Luke West

Over 400 pages of adventure and wonder. Combine this with Swords & Maidens and you're looking at a more excitement in one week than most people can handle. I told you 2023 would have some surprises up it's sleeve, and the year has barely just begun.

So let us get to it.

As you can see, I have a story in this collection called "City Eater" and is the fourth tale here. I suppose I should talk a bit more about it, since I've been rather vague on what this one is about since it was first revealed. "City Eater" is the longest story I've ever submitted to an anthology or magazine, and I probably could have made it longer if I didn't practice restraint. There is a very good reason it is so meaty, though.

"City Eater" is about a family that very slowly realizes the city around them is slipping into madness and the world is seemingly turning towards some sort of Armageddon. Monsters appear, and nightmares arrive, but where are they coming from? And is the city itself the monster they need to battle? Or is the source something else? Read on to discover for yourself!

A few tidbits on this one. I want to say more without ruining any of the fun. "City Eater" was quite the blast to write.

The first tidbit is that "City Eater" is related Y Signal, and not in the most subtle of ways. You should be able to figure out very fast what the connection between the two stories is. Another morsel to share is that the pink anime rabbit girl who bookends the story you might recognize as having similarities to VTuber Pipkin Pippa. What better way for a father to be mystified over current technology than coming across a computer avatar his son watches talking about esoteric weirdness and monsters? I really don't think anyone in the past could have foreseen this invention coming and it gives the story's events more context in the times we live.

A lot of this story is about old and new, strange and normal, past and future, but with a family twist. To make it out of this situation, our family will have to come together and put aside their differences to reach their goal. Or are they doomed to be consumed with everything else in the city? What even is a City Eater supposed to be?

You will have to read and find out for yourself!

And be sure to check out the other stories in the anthology. There are a lot of names in this one, and some unique tales unlike those you've seen before. Unlike others proud to ripoff the classics while dumping on them, we are excited to be able to build off and connect with those who came before us. I know I'm proud to have been in both volumes of this series so far and hope there will be more in the future. But there's only one way to make sure that happens and more projects like this come to life! Pick up Sidearm & Sorcery Volume Two today!

Once again, I want to thank the readers for all their support. We most definitely could not do any of this without you!

And we're going to keep going, because there's more on the way. There's always more on the way!


  1. I'm sitting here looking at the authors going ... I know them ... and I know them ... and I know them too. :-D The circles of superversive authors must be quite small.

    1. I know a few writers who did not meet the submission deadline in time. Hopefully for volume 3, whenever that happens, it will have even more great stories in its pages.