Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Iron Fist on the way!

Netflix's next Marvel series is coming in Spring 2017!

After Daredevil this is the series I was looking forward to the most. If the action didn't sway you I can give you my reasons for looking forward to this.

1. Iron Fist's powers are unique and well-defined. Easily one of my favorites.
2. The fight scenes look to be at least as good as the ones in Daredevil. The kung fu flick style should meld well into the MCU.
3. Danny Rand's optimism is infectious. It's a character trait that has always drawn me to him.
4. This promises to be the lightest in tone of the Netflix series. The darkness in Daredevil was perfect, but the tone in Jessica Jones was so nasty that it put me off of finishing watching it. Luke Cage was definitely better than JJ, but Iron Fist as a character requires more levity. I look forward to how they balance it.
5. This will be leading into "The Defenders" crossover miniseries.

I keep wondering how it is that Marvel is the only one doing stuff like this. The rest of Hollywood is floundering after a particularly nasty summer box office, not to mention their insistence on playing political games where they're uncalled for, and their lack of any original ideas, but Marvel just keeps plowing ahead doing what they do best.

You'd think I'd be sick of these superhero shows and movies by now.

Well, when they start being bad, I probably will. Right now? They're the only thing I'm watching.

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