Saturday, April 4, 2020

Signal Boost ~ StoryHack Issue Six!

Find it Here!

As if there wasn't enough good fiction released recently, StoryHack once again unleashed a new issue of its action adventure tales upon the world!

I am not in this one (I was in issue #5!) but there are some great writers in this issue. This is what you are in for with issue #6:

The latest issue of StoryHack brings you supernatural horror, futuristic detectives, pirates and more! Each issue is jam-packed with short stories calculated to excite. This issue includes: 
Rakes and the Pirates of Malabar by Mike Adamson 
1837: Trouble draws a man like a magnet draws steel, and Rakes, veteran of the East India Company, can’t stay out of the fight. Compelled to serve a rogue princess who has taken command of the pirates of India’s western sea, he finds himself in a desperate mission to penetrate the stronghold of a cruel Raja and steal back the symbol of a conquered people. 
The Boss's Tale by Jon Mollison 
The proprietor of a mafia-controlled speakeasy has to find a way out of the business, without getting killed. 
The Girl Who Sang in the Country of Morning by Cynthia Ward 
When drought forces a young woman to take up hunting, she runs afoul of bandits. Taken captive, Felissa only has one option, though the forbidden magic may damn her soul. 
Due a Hanging by David Skinner 
She was probably on the yacht in the Martian Canal. And he wasn't the only one looking for her. 
Our Friend In The Cellar by Matt Spencer 
Supernatural sleuth Frederick Hawthorne infiltrates the home of a corrupt Victorian gentleman, while investigating the disappearances of several children. Once inside the house, Frederick discovers an infernal family secret., and must use brawn, ruthless cunning, and a few magic tricks of his own if he is to survive the night. 
The Life Price by John D. Payne 
They got away clean, or so they thought. But when three adventurers try to sell off their prize, things start to go wrong. Dead wrong. What price will they pay for an innocent life taken? 
Southwest Monsoon by Luke Foster 
National Park Ranger Abby Baxter leads a rescue party into the Grand Canyon to find a kidnapped child during the worst southwest monsoon in memory. 
Waterways by Lindsey Duncan 
Kel has no interest in rebellion or anything except trying to get along, but when her priestess mother forces her under the sacred pool, the Reflected gifts surface within her. Will she cling to her stubborn ways, even if it means execution? Or will she throw in with the rebels, and possibly be killed in battle?

That is quite the bang for the buck. StoryHack is the best currently running magazine of action and adventure, and this issue is no different. 8 more stories of thrilling adventure? What more could you want? It doesn't get much better than this.

With material like this, StoryHack has a bright future ahead.

Check it out today!

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