Monday, February 22, 2021

Signal Boost ~ "Deus Vult: A Crusader Fantasy Graphic Novel" by Jon Del Arroz!

Find it Here!

There sure has been a lot of activity in NewPub recently, and today is no exception. Not hours ago did writer, creative, professional shitposter, and youtuber, Jon Del Arroz, put out his new crowdfunder. And it might be his most ambitious one yet.

He has taken to creating a space opera adventure graphic novel starring an actual Crusader. Teamed with illustrator Jesse White, the art pops in a classical '70s comic vibe unlike anything else you're going to see on the market today. Take a look at the campaign page to see for yourself. But we can't forget the story, can we? Jon never skimps where it counts.

The description:

A crusade into another realm...
...leads to the deadliest of evils.

Sir Domingo, Spanish Knight and Holy Crusader, is blessed with a vision on his return from his triumphant conquest in the Holy Land. The Holy Grail appears in the sky, leading him on an adventure to another realm where demons and monstrosities lay waste to all of creation.

He discovers a strange race of people called the Kityin, who seem more kin to Earth's cats than they do humanity. He alone can lead them to salvation and away from the tyrannical rule of The Demon King.

Should he fail, not only the Kityin but all the people of all the realms will be destroyed!

DEUS VULT is a 66-page crusader fantasy graphic novel which will bring back memories of great comics like CONAN THE BARBARIAN and THE MIGHTY THOR.

The story is written by #1 Bestselling and award-winning Sci-Fi author, Jon Del Arroz, artist Jesse White, and colorist Matt Crotts with a special variant cover by our good friend Miss Sashi!

You can find the campaign here.

Inspired by the likes of Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Otis Adelbert Kline, Deus Vult attempts to reach for that old adventure vibe where fantasy worlds were just around the next bend, and action could come at any moment. 

Back it today!

For an odd project, you can also check out the video game Zealot, about a priest who, after seeing his faith and the lands ravaged, goes about reinstating the One True Faith. In other words, you purge demon monsters and pagan cultists from the lands. The game isn't out yet, but check out the page below. You won't see anything like this in the AAA industry!


  1. Zealot is the game I have been waiting for! It looks so cool.