Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Signal Boost ~ "Kittycat Massacre" by J. Manfred Weichsel!

Find it Here!

You know it's a big year when I'm still behind with informing you of new releases! We're already starting off March with another good one.

This time I want to tell you about weird horror writer J. Manfred Weichsel's new instalment in his brand new Tales to Make You Vomit series. As provocative as ever, the new story is called Kittycat Massacre. Have you read the first entry, She Was Asking for It? Then you might know what you're in for.

The description:

"The Librarian has kidnapped a kindergarten class to read them a fetid fairytale called Kittycat Massacre, a yucky yarn about a troubled young girl and boy who run away from home and wind up in the house of a deranged woman who tortures and kills cats. It's a nauseating novella of loathsome literature, a fable so foul that none will be able to listen without losing their lunch.

"These youngsters had better find some intestinal fortitude, because the Librarian has also kidnapped their teacher and put her in a guillotine. If just one child can listen without puking, their teacher will be saved. But if every single one vomits, down comes the blade and off comes their teacher's head!

"Can you read this book without throwing up? Do you take the challenge?"

Take up the challenge today!

You can find Kittycat Massacre here. Should you prefer to use another store there is also a universal book link available.

While you're at it, be sure to tune in to the youtube radio show, Pinkerton's Ghosts. Do you like weird tales of mythical monsters and detectives? Then this is for you. Watch the first episode below, and check the channel out for many more!