Monday, July 13, 2020

Signal Boost ~ Fantastic Schools Anthology, Vol. 1 by L. Jagi Lamplighter!

Find it Here!

Today I wish to highlight a new project spearheaded by author, writer, and editor, L. Jagi Lamplighter--a new anthology series. Because we are in such short supply of great anthologies it is always nice to see one that delivers what audiences want. This is an anthology series based around the idea of magic schools.

Yes, Harry Potter made them famous to Millennials, but the setting goes back further than that and was a staple of the fantastical for decades before it. This anthology series attempts to highlight them to show they go further than just that one very popular series. Volume one is currently out right now and the reaction has been strong!

This volume is edited by Christopher G. Nuttall, and the description is as follows:

"Have you ever wanted to go to magic school? To cast spells and brew potions and fly on broomsticks and—perhaps—battle threats both common and supernatural? Come with us into worlds of magic, where students become magicians and teachers do everything in their power to ensure the kids survive long enough to graduate. Welcome to ... Fantastic Schools. 
"Follow a girl trying desperately to find her place in a school of dark magic, a band of witches desperate to prove they can be as good as the wizards, a school of magical monsters standing between the evil one and ultimate power, a businesswoman discovering the secrets of darkest evil ... and what happens when a magical education goes badly wrong. 
"Follow us into worlds different, magical ... 
"... And very human."

There is much magic missing in tales of the fantastical these days. This collection is hoping to bring back the magic that has been lost over years of "realism" and grime taking over from imagination and wonder. Check out this anthology of around 15 stories of forgotten magic and find what you've been missing.

You can find it here!

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