Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Signal Boost ~ Star Knight Saga, Book 2: Hounds of Nimrod

We're back with another signal boost, this time for the sequel to a book I've already reviewed! Author Bradford C. Walker is crowdfunding the second book in his Star Knight Saga space opera series, and he needs your help.

In case you are new to the series, Star Knight Saga is a mixture of mecha, sword and planet, space opera, and plain old adventure. It's as exciting as it sounds. Now the author has finally announced book 2! Those of us who have read the first are eagerly awaiting the second.

I know it's a bit of a chaotic time out there in the world, but that hasn't stopped creators from doing their all to put out works of escapism and adventure to keep you entertained during this mess. In fact, they've been working extra hard. While OldPub has ground to a halt NewPub is still firing on all engines. It will take a lot more than this to derail us.

The summary of the campaign is as follows:

We pick up where "Reavers" left off, with our story's focus shifting to Earth and her solar system. Countess Gabriela Robin is in hiding, but she's threatening to go to Earth to speak of her experience at New Edinburgh to the Court of Stars and thus directly threaten the master villain of that raid: Count Vikuun Qis. 
Qis calls upon a new figure, Master Nimrod, to hunt her down before she can expose him. To ensure this succeeds, Qis throws Red Eyes and his pirates at the Solar Guard to keep them busy. The two strategies are meant to converge when Nimrod delivers Gabriela to the pirates to fulfill his promise to their mutual benefactor: the Architect. 
The action and intrigue goes from Ganymede to Rome, and from ship-to-ship down to man-to-man, as both villain and hero attempt to outwit as well as outfight each other to determine the fate of the Songbird of Second Salisbury.

Once again you can find the campaign here. There is a little more than 3 weeks remaining, but if you get in now you might be able to grab some exclusive perks.

This summer is is still heating up!