Saturday, July 25, 2020

Signal Boost ~ "The Penultimate Men: Tales from Our Savage Future" by Pilum Press

Find it Here!

We're still in July, and yet there is still much more to talk about! I definitely didn't want to miss talking about this little gem from Pilum Press, available exclusively in pocket paperback form at Lulu. You can only find it there. That's right, this one is going for a different sort of feel than the usual product I talk about in these signal boosts. But that definitely isn't for the worse.

The Penultimate Men: Tales from Our Savage Future is a collection of post-apocalyptic fiction from Jon Mollison, Neal Durando, and Schuyler Hernstrom, three authors that definitely know what they're doing. However, post-apocalyptic does not translate into being nihilistic, and these stories will prove it to you. There is always a different sort of magic in the air. At the same time there is an introduction from Nu Wave pulpster Misha Burnett, and always appreciated essays on the inspiration behind much of this sort of fiction by PulpRev BROSR guru Jeffro Johnson, both of which help to add flavor. All of this material is packed into a 230 page pocket paperback that wouldn't look out of place on a wire rack in your drug store next to yellowing Andre Norton and Manly Wade Wellman paperbacks. In fact, it fits right in.

Needless to say, I already have my copy, and if you're reading this you're probably already putting it in your cart. Celebrate the revolution in pulp fiction today by checking out the collection here. Remember: You can't get it anywhere else!

It's been a wild summer of productivity, and it isn't over yet!

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