Saturday, November 12, 2022

Weekend Lounge ~ Last Song

For this weekend post, I'd like to highlight the above video on possibly the most broken sector of the utterly demolished modern mainstream entertainment industry. You can probably guess what it is from the title. That would be the long-dead music industry. You probably already know what I mean without having to explain it. This is how bad it is.

As someone who was very big into music as a kid, something which carried to this very day, I can definitely tell you all the change that happened just in that short amount of time of when I was growing up. I even spoke a bit on this subject before, compiled here in our free book on Generation Y. The industry has been particularly bad at adapting to fads and trends, usually happy enough to throw entire bands, genres, and listeners, out with the bathwater at the drop of a hat for short term gain. What has been left is an industry owned lock, stock, and barrel, by a cadre of "professional" songwriters, artificial talent both in image and personality, and a trail of death and destruction nearly a century long. This isn't even bringing the oft-ignored, for reasons I can't even begin to speculate, Clear Channel into the picture.

Unfortunately, none of this is exaggerated, especially when it comes to shady behavior. The music industry has had more mysterious, and suspicious, deaths than any other industry that has ever existed, including Hollywood. It isn't just substance abuse issues, the issue is a lot more ingrained than that. When we are including an industry with known sexual abuse problems and the self-destruction that always folds out from it, events we've heard about far too often to be considered a coincidence, this is saying a lot. The above video highlights a good source of the evil here, without even needing to get into things like Laurel Canyon or events like the Music Row Murder, which already pointed to a cancerous growth killing the industry.

The mainstream music industry essentially runs on death, and it has for a very long time. Surviving it intact is a blessing not bestowed on many.

I would suggest watching the above video and accepting just how beyond hope this sector actually is. The worst part is that every mainstream industry is as bad off, but none of them are as obviously dead and bloated as this one which only floats by on money laundering and things like Hollywood and the media propping up their fake stars as important simply for being signed to their bloated labels and played on their payola-run systems.

This is all fake, and we all get that now. Their tricks don't work on normal people anymore, most stick to the classics or go independent. You can find anything you want now without having to deal with a bunch of con-artists that don't even have money left to pay you. You can can be into music without having to deal with them at all anymore. This is more or less the way to go in every big industry these days, but nowhere is it as obvious than the music world.

For a future divorced from this degeneracy, we're going to move on from the busted mainstream. There is nothing left but the perfect encapsulation of the seven deadly sins running rampant and unchecked. Forget this system and move on to new waters. There is nothing left here that you can't find somewhere else. Whether places like Bandcamp or sites like Discogs, you can find anything if you look hard enough. Take control of your hobbies for yourself.

We need to start looking forward and learn to dump the Fanatics. It's the only way we can reclaim art for ourselves again.

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