Friday, February 10, 2017

The Myth. The Legend.

So there's this guy.

His name is Jonathan. He's retired. His wife died. He's devastated. He wants to be left alone.

Then someone kills his dog and steals his car.

That someone soon learned that the unassuming quiet man is named John Wick. The Baba Yaga of the underworld. A retired monster who left his life behind to live in the light. And this idiotic punk took the last bit of light away. And he isn't happy about it.

What you get is one of the best action movies of the last twenty years. John Wick is a classic revenge film with phenomenal action choreography, an intriguing backstory and world, and manages a real sharpness to the writing. You could even see the action on screen! It came out of nowhere to surprise everyone and quickly became a favorite of many.

And now the sequel's here. So how does it compare?

John Wick Chapter 2 starts off wrapping up the loose ends of the first film with John Wick reclaiming his car, and dealing with the repercussions of coming out of retirement even for a moment. What he ends up doing is getting pulled back into the underworld of professional killers and finding himself at odds with what he is and where he's probably going when it's all over and he's dead. This leads to classic John Wick action, but also a plot that quickly spirals out of control as the deeper he digs into the darkness, the deeper the hole goes. And by the ending you get the sense that there is much more to it all.

I'll be frank, I thought this movie was great. The lore from the first movie is expanded upon and given a real kick in the pants, John Wick himself shows even more charisma and surprising depth, and the supporting cast is even stronger than the one from the original. Everything is a step up.

But what about the action? Of course you want to know about the action.

Well. Um.

Let's put it this way. There's a scene where John Wick buys a bunch of different weapons (at least five by my count) and like some hyper-violent Chekov, ends up using them all until the ammo runs dry . . .

By the halfway mark of the film.

You do the math.

Look, man. If you're still reading this, you probably like action movies. Do you like action movies? Then you are going to go see this one.

If you aren't, well, maybe that porn movie they released today is more your speed. You clearly can't handle the action.

That's a long way to say "Go see it".

But go see it.

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