Saturday, May 15, 2021

New Release: StoryHack #7!

Find it Here!

It's the time again; time for some StoryHack and more tales of action and adventure! Just like every other issue, you're in for a good time when you flip open one of these bad boys.

As you can tell, I'm also in this one,  but so are other great authors, as well. Issue #7 has been some time coming, but I can definitely say it will be worth the wait!

The lineup:

StoryHack is back with another batch of thrilling stories in a variety of genres. StoryHack is a short fiction magazine heavily inspired by the great pulps of yesteryear. 
Eyes as Blue as Metal
by Dominika Lein

After discovering a human upon a worn-torn planet, an alien commander is betrayed by an ambitious underling. 
That Summer's Evening Long Ago
by Misha Burnett

How do you catch a criminal who uses magic to erase the memory of the item he stole? 
Titan Up
by David J. West
Can a modern man rise to the challenge when a muse mystically summons him to mythic Greece to rescue her from a titan? 
Song for Melienope
by Alexandru Constantin

Oswin the Magnificent and a bawdy monk find refuge from a terrible snowstorm in a mysterious lodge. However, all is not as it seems and a frozen death may have been preferable to what awaits them on this dark night. 
The Berserker's Son
by Michael DeCarolis

The city of Bero is hit by a surprise attack, leaving renowned berserker Furth to choose between defending the city or fighting his way back to his wife and son. 
Golden Echoes
by JD Cowan

An agent goes undercover on a hidden planet to thwart a mad cult leader who is about to unleash a device that splits open the universe itself. 
Third Time Lucky
by Mike Adamson

Spring, 1941: the RAF is stretched tight on the Channel Front, and Johnny Carstairs finds himself battling a mysterious German pilot who seems to have a score to settle. 
Scylla's Lair
by Caroline Furlong

Muriel gave her voice to marry her true love and gain a human soul. But has it cost her more than she can pay? 
The Tombs of Osiris Prime
by Jason J. McCuiston

The search for a missing archeologist on a long-dead planet leads the Last Star Warden into conflict with an ancient galactic threat, and may uncover the origins of the human race. 
An Uncommon Day at the Lake
by David Skinner

A selfish diversion to the Martian desert attracts some outlaw trouble -- and leads to a revelation in the hills!

Once again, you can find it here!

For mere peanuts, you get ten top notch stories of action adventure--with some fantastic illustrations, to boot. If you haven't checked out an issue of StoryHack yet, now is a very good place to jump in. Every issue has a ton of great action adventure to experience, and this one is no different.

My story, Golden Echoes, is one of my favorite that I've written. It's a futuristic tale where a madman has found a way to merge myth and material together to form an untold horror unlike any you've ever imagined! It is up to Galactic Enforcer Ronan Renfield to put a stop to it before military ships either bomb the planet to dust or the universe itself cracks in two. Find out if he succeeds in this issue of StoryHack! It doesn't get more exciting than this.

I'm delighted that even amidst all the madness of OldPub dying and NewPub taking off that we can still get classic magazines like this and from Cirsova. It shows that not only are action, wonder, weirdness, excitement, and adventure, here to stay, but that they definitely aren't going anywhere anytime soon. NewPub has got you covered.

Check out Issue #7 of StoryHack today!

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