Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Signal Boost ~ Level Up Or Die!

Find it Here!

This one came out of left field, but is a work I want to highlight today anyway. From ghostwriter extraordinaire Joshua Lisec and masculine fiction factory Adam Lane Smith comes this unusual take on the popular LitRPG trend. They have come together to put out, with the assistance of top tier editor Brian Niemeier, Level Up or Die, a brand new take on a well-worn genre. With this all-star team you can bet this book isn't anything typical.

However, though the concept might turn certain readers off, the writer team on this work uses the genre as their own weapon to fashion a fast-moving tale of high-octane adventure. This is a NewPub take on an OldPub genre, which means it is going to be a lot more interesting just on the baseline. NewPub doesn't need to lean on the tired clich├ęs to make ideas work.

Instead, we put out things like this!

The description:

To tear down the system . . .
. . . He’s got to level up

Condemned by the media circus of a People’s Republic of California court, Donny is plugged into a deadly game as entertainment for the brutalized masses.

Tormented over failing his father, Donny realizes honor hangs in the balance.

His family’s fate lies in his hands.

Donny must battle through a cutthroat digital world to free thousands of political prisoners and bring down the corrupt system. But the future’s most ruthless killers stand in his way.

Can Donny’s wits and unbreakable spirit get him out alive?

Fans of Ready Player One and Sword Art Online will love Level Up or Die, the new first-person steampunk LitRPG adventure from #1 bestselling authors Joshua Lisec and Adam Lane Smith. Read it today!

Once again, you can find it here.

Even I'm surprised by the amount of material that has been released this year. We aren't even halfway through 2021, and yet here we are with yet another new release to talk about. The hits just keep coming from NewPub, and do not appear to be stopping anytime soon. Jump into Level Up Or Die and release just how apt that title is for the industry at this very moment.

Come this update on Thursday I will finally let you in on a few of my own projects that are nearing completion, in particular two blog projects that are almost ready to be unleashed. We've got a lot to look forward to!