Tuesday, May 18, 2021

New Crowdfund ~ "Diamond Jack and the Neon Knights" by Adam Lane Smith

Find it Here!

I told you that NewPub would be on fire this year, and it continues today with yet another new project for you to look out for! It feels like there is something new to point out every day. Maybe because there is! It's actually getting very tough to keep up with it all.

This time I want to share with you a new crowdfund project by author Adam Lane Smith. He is known for his recent works portraying a sort of Masculine Christian fiction of the sort you rarely used to see before NewPub came around. The genre of "Christian Fiction" used to consist of corporate mandated formulaic drivel meant to preach hackneyed postmodern swill that was the equivalent of soma. This genre did not even attempting to reach those who might have a hotblooded faith, or even those who no faith at all, ignoring much of the potential audience. The point of art is connection, so art not attempting to do that fails at the basic level.

That is the way it used to be. But this is definitely no problem with NewPub. Here is the description of Adam Lane Smith's new crowdfund:

Cyberpunk: Blood and smoke drenched in neon

They killed her. Now he’ll slaughter them.

The demonic apocalypse ravaged the surface. The surviving dregs of humanity crowded into nine neon-soaked caverns deep within the earth where scraps of technology barely hold society together.

Jack Vega spends his perpetual nights as a bouncer at a zero-gravity strip club run by the local crime syndicate. But all the alcohol in Hell can't block out Jack's nightmares, constant reminders of the exotic dancer he loved and helped bury. When her ghost returns, this time armed with heavy firepower, Jack's neon world turns blood red. He and his murderous crew must face off against soldiers, combat mechs, rogue AI, and deranged cyborgs as Jack carves a bloody scar across the putrid undercity.

Sometimes revenge is all a man has left.

Doesn't fit too well in OldPub's infinitesimally small Christian Fiction section, does it? Heck, it doesn't even fit into OldPub's non-Christian fiction. That might be because this isn't your great aunt's Christian Fiction or OldPub modern genre muck. This is the sort of pulp-influenced storytelling NewPub has been built for, the kind that was ejected way back in the 1940s. 

We haven't been allowed to write fiction like this in a long time, and many writers took that personally. It's been a long-time coming, and the pendulum is swinging back hard.

I doubt that you haven't seen it yourself, especially if you're one who reads the modern fiction coming out of NewPub these days, but in order to grow this shrinking art form, we need more projects like this. We need to get people excited about reading again, something the big corps have entirely given up on. And this is just the sort of project to do it.

The author goes on:

Diamond Jack and the Neon Knights is the 5th book in the overall Deus Vult Wastelanders series. I have several different lines of Christian fiction in this core universe, with characters crossing back and forth between the lines. This is still only the beginning, and you can help make this series available for more Christians to be encouraged and entertained.

The main themes of the Deus Vult Wastelanders series are:
  • Uncompromising obedience to God's laws even in the face of horror
  • Charity to others, even former enemies who've surrendered and repented
  • Fierce courage in battle against the forces of the Enemy
  • Prayer as a weapon against evil
  • Service to others regardless of personal cost
Readers dissatisfied with the usual sickeningly sweet Christian fiction found in most bookstores will enjoy this divergence from the usual crowd. Instead of weak main characters who waffle back and forth over even the smallest decisions while every character around them is overly cheerful and encouraging, the Deus Vult Wastelanders world sees cannibals lying in wait to dismember and devour wayward travelers, cultists of Ba'al and Moloch combing the wilds for human sacrifice to their dark masters, and towering demons seeking to tear apart the faithful with their bare claws.

That's definitely quite hardcore!

You can check the crowdfund for tiers aside from the basic one that might interest you,. There are quite a few, even those offering the author's previous books in a bundle. No stretch goals are listed yet, if any are forthcoming, but funding is always the first goal of any crowdfund. Who knows what the future will hold? See what strikes you and seize it.

This is the sort of high-octane action that NewPub is built to offer, so be sure not to miss it! NewPub always delivers, and will continue to do so.

Once again, you can find the crowdfund here.

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