Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A Tooth Fairy Detective?!

Find it Here!

In the tradition of weird stories, let us take a look at a particularly weird one today. This one is a fantastical detective story that stars . . . the tooth fairy? I suppose they wouldn't call them weird tales if they weren't weird.

And thanks to NewPub you can get all the bizarre stories you want. There is no one to gatekeep it out any longer. Michael J. Adams' Osseous series is no exception to that rule.

Regardless, here is the description:

Who needs detective skills when you can track down missing children by swallowing their lost teeth?

PI Tiffemory Greenstone treats each missing person case like she would her own child. But when Mallory Sanderson is kidnapped for the second time, Tiff takes it especially personally. It's hard not to when the kidnapping is her fault.

Jeck, the rogue fairy she banished six months prior, has returned and is seeking revenge. In a world that believes the tooth fairy is only a myth, Tiff is the only one who can stop him.

But finding her nemesis will be an uphill battle. And facing a foe who's more than her equal may cost Tiff her life. The other option is watching the city's youths disappear one at a time.

Once again, you can find it here.

Sounds off the wall, I know. But you won't get fresh ideas like this in OldPub. In fact, if the writing climate wasn't as it was now, there would be no chance for things like this to even have an opportunity to be published.

There's far more to come in NewPub, and I plan to tell you about as much as I can. So strap in, this is going to be a long ride! We've got a ways to go.

Check out A Tooth Fairy's Promise today!

You can also read the second instalment, which is out now!

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